Free and Open Platform for Independent Volunteering

Welcome, doer of kind deeds, to, the platform for independent skilled traveling idealists (volunteers). On this website you can find and contribute projects all over the world that could use some help.

You can add new initiatives without registration. Just click-and-add to help a small struggling project you know of! And please share/spread this message!

Semi-Independent Volunteering

What if you are a volunteer, but need more support? Visit for SAFE volunteering; look here for brave volunteering. So you've watched  our slideshow and joined the kind*people? What are you waiting for? You can add an initiative right now! This will give it visibility and makes sure it can be found by skillful idealists who help. Or read here what we call an initiative (examples are a community center, a street kids' project, a human rights group, a local health clinic, environmental protection, a slum school, an arts project, microfinance).


Searching for Volunteer Opportunities

If you are just looking for initiatives already on this site, you don't need to register! Just click "Find Initiatives" to get to a searchable world map of all initiatives contributed to the site.

You have recently visited an initiative on this website and trust it completely? Don't forget to leave a review for it. If you have already made a charitable Journey please describe it on this page, where we are creating a short-list of them.

Perhaps you don't know any local initiative yet simply helping where it is needed and in need of help? Why don't you:

Ask your friends and family if they know struggling projects that need help;
 * Ask this question on facebook, linkedin, twitter, couchsurfing etc;
* Help us spread the word about kindmankind by writing to people you think might be interested :)
And please don't hesitate with info [at] kindmankind [dot] net (suggestions)!


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