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  1. HEAL Africa (Congo (Kinshasa))
  2. Connecting Classrooms and Communities (Cameroon)
  3. GreenEarth Heritage Foundation (Philippines)
  4. Butterfly Children's Development Center (Laos)
  5. Hekima Education Centre (Kenya)
  6. Namibian Dolphin Project (Namibia)
  7. Skills Plus Uganda (Uganda)
  8. Medical volunteers in Nepal (Nepal)
  9. Sharing dreams-Peru / volunteer program (Peru)
  10. Fighting with the Poor- Program to Latin America (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)
  11. Village Pilote (Senegal)
  12. Gloudina Greenacre (Ecuador)
  13. Teach English and French in Morocco (Morocco)
  14. Empowerment International (Nicaragua)
  15. Affordable Quality Volunteering (Uganda)
  16. Belize Audubon Society (Belize)
  17. Pole 2 Pole 4 Charity (Costa Rica)
  18. BERUDA (Cameroon)
  19. Aghir In Man (Niger)
  20. Kawempe Youth Centre (Uganda)
  21. Project Assistant - Sea Turtle Conservation (Thailand)
  22. On Call Africa (Zambia)
  23. Agya (Uganda)
  24. Fundación La Vecina (Colombia)
  25. Hope For The Street Child Foundation (Ghana)
  26. Azafady (Madagascar)
  27. PBI Colombia (Colombia)
  28. Ko'eju Asunción (Paraguay)
  29. Building a Community Excellence Center (Kenya)
  30. Escuela de la Calle (EDELAC) (Guatemala)
  31. Ñanta (Bolivia)
  32. L.I.F.E Argentina (Argentina)
  33. The Pinocho School in Quijarro (Bolivia)
  34. MOVE Nepal volunteer and travel (Nepal)
  35. Reach Out Cameroon (Cameroon)
  36. Stiftung Learning for Life (Ethiopia)
  37. English Opens Doors Volunteer program (EOD) (Chile)
  38. Ama Torres del Paine (Chile)
  39. My Little Red House Bilingual School (Honduras)
  40. Club Union de los Pibes (Argentina)
  41. Xelapages volunteer page (Guatemala)
  42. Casa de los Angeles (Mexico)
  43. Baan Unrak Children's Village (Thailand)
  44. Biological Station Un poco del Chocó (Ecuador)
  45. UrbanPromise Honduras (Honduras)
  46. Utila-Iguana (Honduras)
  47. Sustainable Bolivia (Bolivia)
  48. Teach English, Volunteer (Ecuador)
  49. The Spitting Llama Bookstore and Outfitter (Bolivia)
  50. SKIP (Peru)
  51. In Spanish: Database of Soup Kitchens (Comedors) and Shelters (Hogars) in and around Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  52. South American Explorers Club
  53. Safe Passage (Guatemala)
  54. Reach Bolivia (Bolivia)
  55. Ranquilco horse/cattle Ranch (Argentina)
  56. Por Los Chicos (For the Children) (Argentina)
  57. Patagonia Volunteer, part of the Mapu Association (Argentina)
  58. Hogar De Esperanza Orphanage, near Trujillo on the north coast of Peru (Peru)
  59. Patagonia Spanish School based in Bariloche (Argentina)
  60. Oaxaca Street Children (Mexico)
  61. Oiyakaha (Brazil)
  62. Mano a Mano (Bolivia)
  63. La tortuga feliz (Costa Rica)
  64. Sucre Spanish School (Bolivia)
  65. Helping Honduras Kids (Honduras)
  66. The Rainforest Biodiversity Group (Costa Rica)
  67. Finca Esperanza (Ecuador)
  68. Fox Academy (Bolivia)
  69. Farm of the Child (Honduras)
  70. Expand Peru/Peru Volunteer (Peru)
  71. Ecuador Eco-Adventure (Ecuador)
  72. EntreMundos (Guatemala)
  73. Work with Thomas Verster in the wilderness of Chilean Patagonia (Chile)
  74. CatchtheLingo (Argentina)
  75. Building New Hope (Nicaragua)
  76. CALLE (Street) RJ (Brazil)
  77. Bay Islands Conservation Association (BICA) (Honduras)
  78. Bolivia-Online (Bolivia)
  79. Ben Verhoef Tours (Bolivia)
  80. Artesania Sorata (Fairtrade Bolivian Alapaca) (Bolivia)
  81. Angeles que Aguardan (Peru)
  82. The Andean Outreach Program (Peru)
  83. Andorina Hostal in Samaipata (Bolivia, between Sucre and Santa Cruz) (Bolivia)
  84. Academia Buenos Aires Spanish School (Argentina)
  85. Utila Community Clinic (Honduras)
  86. Peru 109 (Peru)
  87. Kilimanjaro Volunteers Exposure (Tanzania)
  88. bolivia volunteers Cochabamba
  89. The Karikuy Organization (Peru)
  90. Tumaini Miles of Smiles Centre (Kenya)
  91. Volta Aid Foundation (Ghana)
  92. Performing Life (Bolivia)
  93. Support the Children of Nepal (Nepal)
  94. Helping Honduras Kids (Honduras)
  95. Fresh Nepal (Nepal)
  96. Loszughana (Ghana)
  97. Disaster Volunteers of Ghana (Ghana)
  98. Casa Guatemala (Guatemala)
  99. St Charles Center Kenya (Kenya)

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