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  1. Go Volunteer Africa (Uganda)
  2. Asociación Atz’anem K’oj – Theatre of the Oppressed, fighting for rights (Guatemala)
  3. Global Partnerships for Better Outcomes in Developing Communities(GCBC) (Uganda)
  4. Volunteer/ intern placements (Kenya)
  5. Fundraising volunteers for SPONSOR – A-CHILD Project (India)
  6. Free Volunteer opportunities in Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa
  7. Teaching in a rural school in Cameroon,Africa (Cameroon)
  8. Children and Women Promotion Center (Nepal)
  9. Behind-the-Smile (Kenya)
  10. Crisis Skylight London (United Kingdom)
  11. Go Volunteer Africa (Hope Development Volunteers)
  12. Volunteering Projects in Uganda this summer|Beacon of Hope Uganda (Antarctica)
  13. Volunteer and tour Uganda (Uganda)
  14. Orphan Care Project in Uganda (Antarctica)
  15. BRING A SMILE TO AN UNDERSERVED COMMUNITY - Volunteer in a Village in Ghana (Ghana)
  16. Rumah Cemara (Indonesia)
  17. Childline Uganda (Uganda)
  18. Quality Affordable Volunteering in Uganda (Uganda)
  19. AFRICAN ARCHITECTURE INTERNSHIP (Short-Term Volunteer or Gap Year in Africa) (Ghana)
  20. Abaana Rural Outreach Ministries (Uganda)
  21. Sustainable Volunteer Work in Mukono District, Uganda (Uganda)
  22. Child Growth Promotion inrural Uganda (Uganda)
  23. Tarayana Foundation (Bhutan)
  25. Beacon of Hope Uganda (Uganda)
  26. Volunteer in a rural elementary School (Cameroon)
  27. Art+Architecture Project: Everybody is welcome (Ghana)
  28. Esperanza Peru (Peru)
  29. Education for all Trust Network (Kenya)
  30. Happy Children Project (Ghana)
  31. Volunteer 4 Africa
  32. Helping Hands 4 Africa (Uganda)
  33. Kicef Tanzania (Tanzania)
  34. Serve the city project for Nigeria and Africa (Nigeria)
  35. Loaves and Fishes Duluth, Minnesota USA (United States)
  36. Hope Agency (Cambodia)
  37. Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) (South Sudan)
  38. Affordable Quality Volunteering (Uganda)
  39. The Denan Project (Ethiopia)
  40. Second Chance Africa (Liberia)
  41. Volunteer 4 Africa
  42. crazybird's 2010 Silk Route
  43. Globosocial Adventures
  44. Ban Ton Kla (บ้านต้นกล้า) (Thailand)
  45. Fundación La Vecina (Colombia)
  46. Self Reliance Promotors (Cameroon)
  47. UYDV nursery and primary school (Uganda)
  48. kindman's example trip
  49. KidsCare Cambodia (Cambodia)
  50. Manna Project International (Nicaragua)
  51. Burj El-Barajnej Refugee Camp (Lebanon)
  52. Building a Community Excellence Center (Kenya)
  53. Agape Home (Thailand)
  54. Nyimbwa multi-purpose Organisation of PLWHAs (Uganda)
  55. Educational Support Tibet (India)
  56. baraka technical college -ophans center (Kenya)
  57. Nuestra Casa (Chile)
  58. Proyecto Horizonte Ushpa Ushpa (Bolivia)
  59. Proniño Honduras (Honduras)
  60. One World Nursery (Chile)
  61. Carisma Peru (Peru)
  62. AMAS (Peru)
  63. Bodhgaya Schools (India)
  64. Soul Projects Spiritual Volunteering (Guatemala)
  65. Drifting Angels Orphanage Childrens Home (Ghana)
  66. Marwar Seva Sansthan (India)
  67. Kerala Link (India)
  68. PDH International Volunteer Team (Togo)

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