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  1. Slukat Learning Center (Indonesia)
  2. GreenEarth Heritage Foundation (Philippines)
  3. Papua Barat Sustainable Living Foundation (Indonesia)
  4. Sadhana Forest (India)
  5. Dolphin Discovery Centre (Australia)
  6. Sunseed Sustainable Living (Spain)
  7. Hacienda Esperanza (Ecuador)
  8. Namibian Dolphin Project (Namibia)
  9. Starve Prevent Foundation (India)
  10. Gaia Activist Program (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)
  11. Nawaya (Egypt)
  12. Green Senegal (Senegal)
  13. Gloudina Greenacre (Ecuador)
  14. ProFauna (Indonesia)
  15. Belize Audubon Society (Belize)
  16. BERUDA (Cameroon)
  17. Assist the needy in all works of life, The Gambia (Gambia)
  18. Econorfolk Foundation (Norfolk Island)
  19. Aghir In Man (Niger)
  20. Help with horses in Skyros (Greece)
  21. Volunteer 4 Africa
  22. Project Assistant - Sea Turtle Conservation (Thailand)
  23. On Call Africa (Zambia)
  24. association burkinabè d'aide a l'enfance (Burkina Faso)
  25. VFCD Hanoi (Vietnam)
  26. African Roots (Cameroon)
  27. Future for Children Bali (Indonesia)
  28. SAVE Pakistan (Pakistan)
  29. Project Tohoku (Japan)
  30. Auroville (India)
  31. Azafady (Madagascar)
  32. SDFA Kenya (Kenya)
  33. Joining the Dots (Australia)
  34. Manna Project International (Nicaragua)
  35. Sichuan Quake Relief (China)
  36. Forest Voices (Malaysia)
  37. Doo Goood (Germany)
  38. Los Cedros Biological Reserve and study centre (Ecuador)
  39. WeForest Internship (Zambia)
  40. R.O.S.E. North India (India)
  41. Volunteer and Explore Nepal (Nepal)
  42. Reach Out Cameroon (Cameroon)
  43. Uganda Rural Fund (URF) (Uganda)
  44. Hacienda Tranquila Bio station (Ecuador)
  45. Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C. (Mexico)
  46. Save the Wild Chinchillas (Chile)
  47. Sircadia Eco Project (Peru)
  48. Terra Nova (Mozambique)
  49. Sumak Kawsay Yachay (sky) (Ecuador)
  50. Yanapuma Foundation (Ecuador)
  51. Fundacion Zoobreviven (Ecuador)
  52. Organic Farming (South American countries are on the WWOOF Independents list
  53. Volunteer Petén (Guatemala)
  54. Utila-Iguana (Honduras)
  55. Voluntario Global based in Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  56. Biological Station Un poco del Chocó (Ecuador)
  57. The ARA Project (Costa Rica)
  58. The Volunteer's Tent
  59. Threads of Peru (Peru)
  60. Runa Foundation (Ecuador)
  61. In Spanish: Database of Soup Kitchens (Comedors) and Shelters (Hogars) in and around Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  62. South American Explorers Club
  63. SeaTurtle.Org
  64. Comuna de Rhiannon (Ecuador)
  65. Selva Viva (Ecuador)
  66. Ranquilco horse/cattle Ranch (Argentina)
  67. Reserva Ecologica de Guapi Assu (REGUA) (Brazil)
  68. Project Mosaic Guatemala (PMG) (Guatemala)
  69. Rancho Esperanza (Nicaragua)
  70. Pisco Sin Fronteras (Peru)
  71. Por Los Chicos (For the Children) (Argentina)
  72. Educational and Health Volunteer Program (Peru)
  73. Patagonia Volunteer, part of the Mapu Association (Argentina)
  74. Oiyakaha (Brazil)
  75. Perucho Organic Agriculture Experience (POAE) (Ecuador)
  76. Patagonia Spanish School based in Bariloche (Argentina)
  77. Centro de Rescate Merazonia (Ecuador)
  79. The NGO Living Heart (Peru)
  80. Mayan Families (Guatemala)
  81. Maya Pedal (Guatemala)
  82. Sea Turtle conservation at KIDO Ecological Research Station
  83. Various Environmental, Social, Kids (Argentina)
  84. Las Tolas (Ecuador)
  85. La tortuga feliz (Costa Rica)
  86. The Orchid & Botanical Garden (Ecuador)
  87. Comunidad INTI WARA YASSI (Bolivia)
  88. Conservation of the Atlantic Rainforest (Brazil)
  89. The Guayabillas Animal Rescue Center (Ecuador)
  90. Finca Esperanza (Ecuador)
  91. Expand Peru/Peru Volunteer (Peru)
  92. Ecuador Eco-Adventure (Ecuador)
  93. EntreMundos (Guatemala)
  94. Equilibrio Azul (Ecuador)
  95. Esperanza Verde (Green Hope) (Peru)
  96. Ecoyogapark (Argentina)
  97. Chol-Chol Foundation (Chile)
  98. Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation (CFTC) (Ecuador)
  99. Bosque Villiage Organic Farm Retreat (Mexico)
  100. Bay Islands Conservation Association (BICA) (Honduras)
  101. The Andean Outreach Program (Peru)
  102. AWARE (Animal Welfare Association - Rescue/Education) (Guatemala)
  103. Ak'Tenamit (Guatemala)
  104. Andean Bear Conservation Project (Ecuador)
  105. EcoTruly Park (Peru)
  106. Sacred Suenos ecological farm (Ecuador)
  107. All Hands Volunteers (formerly (Haiti)
  108. Finca La Libertad (Costa Rica)
  109. Mama Roja (Argentina)
  110. Tujifunze Children Project (Tanzania)
  111. Soul Projects Spiritual Volunteering (Guatemala)
  112. Villas Mastatal (Costa Rica)
  113. the Vutikalulu centre (Fiji)
  114. Gowri-Navadarshanam (India)
  115. Casa Guatemala (Guatemala)
  116. Great Baikal Trail (Russia)

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