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  1. Connecting Classrooms and Communities (Cameroon)
  2. Skills Plus Uganda (Uganda)
  3. Sharing dreams-Peru / volunteer program (Peru)
  4. Belize Audubon Society (Belize)
  5. Migrant Workers Television (South Korea)
  6. Aghir In Man (Niger)
  7. Hope For The Street Child Foundation (Ghana)
  8. KidsCare Cambodia (Cambodia)
  9. Ko'eju Asunción (Paraguay)
  10. Escuela de la Calle (EDELAC) (Guatemala)
  11. Arriba las Manos (Colombia)
  12. Ñanta (Bolivia)
  13. L.I.F.E Argentina (Argentina)
  14. Educational Support Tibet (India)
  15. English Opens Doors Volunteer program (EOD) (Chile)
  16. My Little Red House Bilingual School (Honduras)
  17. Sumak Kawsay Yachay (sky) (Ecuador)
  18. Teach English, Volunteer (Ecuador)
  19. SOLRISA association (Brazil)
  20. SKIP (Peru)
  21. In Spanish: Database of Soup Kitchens (Comedors) and Shelters (Hogars) in and around Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  22. Por Los Chicos (For the Children) (Argentina)
  23. Hogar De Esperanza Orphanage, near Trujillo on the north coast of Peru (Peru)
  24. Oiyakaha (Brazil)
  25. Sucre Spanish School (Bolivia)
  26. Helping Honduras Kids (Honduras)
  27. Gap Chile (Chile)
  28. Farm of the Child (Honduras)
  29. The Fabretto Children's Foundation (Nicaragua)
  30. Expand Peru/Peru Volunteer (Peru)
  31. Ecuador Eco-Adventure (Ecuador)
  32. Ecuador Volunteer Foundation (Ecuador)
  33. Cielo Azul (Ecuador)
  34. Casa Hogar Los Gorriones (Peru)
  35. CatchtheLingo (Argentina)
  36. Building New Hope (Nicaragua)
  37. The Buenos Aires English House (Argentina)
  38. Artesania Sorata (Fairtrade Bolivian Alapaca) (Bolivia)
  39. Academia Buenos Aires Spanish School (Argentina)
  40. Volta Aid Foundation (Ghana)
  41. Fotwa / Art Refuge (Nepal)
  42. Loszughana (Ghana)

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