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  1. The Turing Trust (Ghana)
  2. Slukat Learning Center (Indonesia)
  3. Connecting Classrooms and Communities (Cameroon)
  4. Petals Education Center (Ghana)
  5. Butterfly Children's Development Center (Laos)
  6. Project Hope (Palestinian Territory)
  7. Hekima Education Centre (Kenya)
  8. Waldorf School Namibia (Namibia)
  9. Starve Prevent Foundation (India)
  10. Women's Humanitarian Organisation (Lebanon)
  11. Teaching in village schools in Nepal (Nepal)
  12. Never Again Association Warsaw (Poland)
  13. Kicef Tanzania (Tanzania)
  14. Hope Agency (Cambodia)
  15. Teach English and French in Morocco (Morocco)
  16. Empowerment International (Nicaragua)
  17. Assist the needy in all works of life, The Gambia (Gambia)
  18. Econorfolk Foundation (Norfolk Island)
  19. Help with horses in Skyros (Greece)
  20. Kawempe Youth Centre (Uganda)
  21. Indian Social Service Institute (India)
  22. Hope For The Street Child Foundation (Ghana)
  23. English story/picture books needed for rurual school kids (China)
  24. Escuelita de Nosara (Costa Rica)
  25. SDFA Kenya (Kenya)
  26. Khmer New Generation Organization (KNGO) (Cambodia)
  27. Escuela de la Calle (EDELAC) (Guatemala)
  28. Saigon Children's Charity (Vietnam)
  29. The Pinocho School in Quijarro (Bolivia)
  30. Educational Support Tibet (India)
  31. baraka technical college -ophans center (Kenya)
  32. Hope Flowers School (Palestinian Territory)
  33. Taking care of Disadvantaged Children in childhood safeguard centre (Morocco)
  34. CUIC (Uruguay)
  35. Stiftung Learning for Life (Ethiopia)
  36. English Opens Doors Volunteer program (EOD) (Chile)
  37. Casa Hogar de los Niños (Mexico)
  38. My Little Red House Bilingual School (Honduras)
  39. Assoc. Mauretanienne pour la promotion des handicapés mentaux (Mauritania)
  40. Club Union de los Pibes (Argentina)
  41. Sumak Kawsay Yachay (sky) (Ecuador)
  42. / The Arajuno Road project (Ecuador)
  43. Volunteer Petén (Guatemala)
  44. The Cartagenitos Group (Colombia)
  45. Voluntario Global based in Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  46. Traveller Not Tourist (Peru)
  47. The Latin American (LA) Job List
  48. Teach English, Volunteer (Ecuador)
  49. Teach Huaraz Peru (Peru)
  50. SOLRISA association (Brazil)
  51. Various programs (Argentina)
  52. SKIP (Peru)
  53. Proyecto Horizonte Ushpa Ushpa (Bolivia)
  54. Seeds of Hope (Peru)
  55. Colibri day centre (Peru)
  56. Peru Luz de Esperanza (Light of Hope) (Peru)
  57. The Sacred Family Childrens Community (Peru)
  58. Educational and Health Volunteer Program (Peru)
  59. Otra Cosa (Peru)
  60. Patagonia Spanish School based in Bariloche (Argentina)
  61. One World Nursery (Chile)
  62. Perucho Organic Agriculture Experience (POAE) (Ecuador)
  63. Mundo Verde (Peru)
  64. Mano a Mano (Bolivia)
  65. The NGO Living Heart (Peru)
  66. Various Environmental, Social, Kids (Argentina)
  67. El Nahual (Guatemala)
  68. Sucre Spanish School (Bolivia)
  69. Association Incawasi (Peru)
  70. Hampy (Peru)
  71. Escuela Futuro Verde (Costa Rica)
  72. Galapagos ICE - Immerse Connect Evolve, based on Santa Cruz Island (Ecuador)
  73. Gap Chile (Chile)
  74. Fox Academy (Bolivia)
  75. Farm of the Child (Honduras)
  76. Foundation human nature (fhn) (Ecuador)
  77. ELIM (Peru)
  78. Creative Corners (Brazil)
  79. Centro CONVIVEN (Argentina)
  80. Cielo Azul (Ecuador)
  81. Colibris Women's Artisan Cooperative (Ecuador)
  82. Bay Islands Conservation Association (BICA) (Honduras)
  83. Spanish School in Bariloche, Arg. (Argentina)
  84. Beca Schools (Bilingual Education for Central America) (Honduras)
  85. AWARE (Animal Welfare Association - Rescue/Education) (Guatemala)
  86. Ak'Tenamit (Guatemala)
  87. Utila Community Clinic (Honduras)
  88. Academia Buenos Aires Spanish School (Argentina)
  89. Academia Uruguay Spanish School (Uruguay)
  90. (Bolivia)
  91. AMAS (Peru)
  92. Volunteer intern in Nepal (Nepal)
  93. Tujifunze Children Project (Tanzania)
  94. the Vutikalulu centre (Fiji)
  95. Fundación Salvación (Guatemala)
  96. CS Mary Women Empowerment Trust (India)
  97. The Learning Center of Kathmandu (Nepal)
  98. fundación Afos (Argentina)
  99. Kerala Link (India)
  100. Casa Guatemala (Guatemala)
  101. SECMOL(Students' Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh) (India)

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