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  1. Go Volunteer Africa (Uganda)
  2. Volunteers needed in Uganda (Uganda)
  3. Volunteer in Nepal with Indra Foundation Community Projects (Nepal)
  4. Aquí me quedo (Guatemala)
  5. Asociación Atz’anem K’oj – Theatre of the Oppressed, fighting for rights (Guatemala)
  6. Community Development Heroes in Africa (Tanzania)
  7. Lamp For Future Life (Ghana)
  8. Behind-the-Smile (Kenya)
  9. Go Volunteer Africa (Hope Development Volunteers)
  10. Volunteers Peru (Peru)
  11. Volunteer and tour Uganda (Uganda)
  12. Blue Sparrow (Peru)
  13. Orphan Care Project in Uganda (Antarctica)
  14. BRING A SMILE TO AN UNDERSERVED COMMUNITY - Volunteer in a Village in Ghana (Ghana)
  15. Childline Uganda (Uganda)
  16. Mujeres en Positivo por Venezuela (Venezuela)
  17. Intiwawa - Arequipa, Peru (Peru)
  18. Kitega Community Centre Uganda (Uganda)
  19. Quality Affordable Volunteering in Uganda (Uganda)
  20. AFRICAN ARCHITECTURE INTERNSHIP (Short-Term Volunteer or Gap Year in Africa) (Ghana)
  21. Abaana Rural Outreach Ministries (Uganda)
  22. Sustainable Volunteer Work in Mukono District, Uganda (Uganda)
  23. Child Growth Promotion inrural Uganda (Uganda)
  24. Openmind projects (Thailand)
  25. Beacon of Hope Uganda (Uganda)
  26. Volunteer in a rural elementary School (Cameroon)
  27. India Cultural Exchange Program - 2012 (India)
  28. Volunteer on the Thailand-Burma Border (Thailand)
  29. Education for all Trust Network (Kenya)
  30. Happy Children Project (Ghana)
  31. Volunteer 4 Africa
  32. Tostan (Senegal)
  33. International Center for Peace and Integration (ICPI) (Georgia)
  34. HEAL Africa (Congo (Kinshasa))
  35. Supporting Guasa (Dominican Republic)
  36. Helping Hands 4 Africa (Uganda)
  37. Helping Migrants/Refugees (Turkey)
  38. Women's Humanitarian Organisation (Lebanon)
  39. Association L'mnara (Tunisia)
  40. Give and Surf (Panama)
  41. Never Again Association Warsaw (Poland)
  42. Loaves and Fishes Duluth, Minnesota USA (United States)
  43. Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) (South Sudan)
  44. Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) (Afghanistan)
  45. Migrant Workers Television (South Korea)
  46. Karama. New Perspectives for Young People and Women in Palestine (Palestinian Territory)
  47. Collectif Associatif pour l'Observation des Élections (Morocco)
  48. Volunteer 4 Africa
  49. Southpole by tractor!
  50. Globosocial Adventures
  51. KidsCare Cambodia (Cambodia)
  52. Auroville (India)
  53. Peace Groups in the West Bank (Palestinian Territory)
  54. PBI Colombia (Colombia)
  55. Joining the Dots (Australia)
  56. Forest Voices (Malaysia)
  57. Doo Goood (Germany)
  58. Sao Sary Foundation (Cambodia)
  59. Burj El-Barajnej Refugee Camp (Lebanon)
  60. Filipino Household Workers (Jordan)
  61. Charity Travel (Germany)
  62. Hope Flowers School (Palestinian Territory)
  63. AMAIDI Volunteering in India (India)
  64. Charity Travel
  65. Burma Volunteer Programme (Thailand)
  66. The Karikuy Organization (Peru)
  67. Marwar Seva Sansthan (India)
  68. Prime Trust (India)
  69. PDH International Volunteer Team (Togo)
  70. Nuevos Horizontes (Guatemala)

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