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  1. Volunteers Needed for Organic Farm - Costa Rica (Costa Rica)
  2. Volunteer in Nepal with Indra Foundation Community Projects (Nepal)
  3. Go Volunteer Africa- Volunteer Work - Volunteer Projects
  4. Beacon of Hope Uganda - Volunteering in Uganda - Safaris in Uganda (Uganda)
  5. Teaching Position in Yaounde (Cameroon)
  6. Volunteering at Gambhira Eco Yoga Aldea and enlarge your knowledge about sustainable activities. (Colombia)
  7. Project Bona Fide (Nicaragua)
  8. Community Development Volunteering Program in Haiti (Haiti)
  9. Free Volunteer opportunities in Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa
  10. Volunteer for free, Gap year exchange in Africa
  11. Community Development Heroes in Africa (Tanzania)
  12. Meaningful Free Volunteer Programs in Africa (Uganda)
  13. Teaching in a rural school in Cameroon,Africa (Cameroon)
  14. Eco Volunteer UP (Ecuador)
  16. Honduras Child Alliance (Honduras)
  17. Honduras Child Alliance (Honduras)
  18. Go Volunteer Africa (Hope Development Volunteers)
  19. Affordable Volunteer, Gap Year, Career Break & Culture Exchange Programs (Uganda)
  20. Volunteering Projects in Uganda this summer|Beacon of Hope Uganda (Antarctica)
  21. Volunteer and tour Uganda (Uganda)
  22. Volunteer in Uganda| Affordable Volunteer Projects| Volunteer in Africa (Uganda)
  23. Orphan Care Project in Uganda (Antarctica)
  24. BRING A SMILE TO AN UNDERSERVED COMMUNITY - Volunteer in a Village in Ghana (Ghana)
  25. Stay and play with the kids of A Bowl of Compassion/Charity Backpackers in Bodhgaya, India. (India)
  26. Stay and play with the kids of A Bowl of Compassion/Charity Backpackers in Bodhgaya, India. (India)
  27. Reach and Teach Volunteer programs in Uganda (Uganda)
  28. Quality Affordable Volunteer work| Culture Exchange in Uganda (Uganda)
  29. Kitega Community Centre Uganda (Uganda)
  30. Quality Affordable Volunteering in Uganda (Uganda)
  31. AFRICAN ARCHITECTURE INTERNSHIP (Short-Term Volunteer or Gap Year in Africa) (Ghana)
  33. Sustainable Volunteer Work in Mukono District, Uganda (Uganda)
  34. Child Growth Promotion inrural Uganda (Uganda)
  35. Barefoot College - India (India)
  36. Beacon of Hope Uganda (Uganda)
  37. Climate Activist Richmond Vale Academy (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)
  38. Volunteer in a rural elementary School (Cameroon)
  39. Art+Architecture Project: Everybody is welcome (Ghana)
  40. Esperanza Peru (Peru)
  41. Vrindavan - Eco Yoga Farm in Ecuador - Baños (Ecuador)
  42. Happy Children Project (Ghana)
  43. DinDang Natural Building Centre Project (Thailand)
  44. special camps for groups India (India)
  45. Volunteer 4 Africa
  46. The Turing Trust (Ghana)
  47. Papua Barat Sustainable Living Foundation (Indonesia)
  48. Petals Education Center (Ghana)
  49. Sadhana Forest (India)
  50. Helping Hands 4 Africa (Uganda)
  51. Waldorf School Namibia (Namibia)
  52. Give and Surf (Panama)
  53. Sharing dreams-Peru / volunteer program (Peru)
  54. Coajoq (Guinea-Bissau)
  55. Case toupetit (Senegal)
  56. AHED Arnhem Human Enterprise Development (Australia)
  57. Nawaya (Egypt)
  58. Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) (South Sudan)
  59. A liter of light (Philippines)
  60. Fundación Aldeas de Paz (Venezuela)
  61. Affordable Quality Volunteering (Uganda)
  62. WWOOF Sierra Leone (Sierra Leone)
  63. Grassroots United (Haiti)
  64. Econorfolk Foundation (Norfolk Island)
  65. Volunteer 4 Africa
  66. Three Left Hands
  67. Helping Children and Adults with Disabilities in Kashmir, India (India)
  68. (Germany)
  69. Hope Beyond Worldwide (Uganda)
  70. Guerilla Volunteering! ThreeLeftHands on the Westcoast of Africa. (Netherlands)
  71. Future for Children Bali (Indonesia)
  72. Project Tohoku (Japan)
  73. Kagisano (Botswana)
  74. Sonce Moe (My Sunshine) (Macedonia)
  75. Auroville (India)
  76. Azafady (Madagascar)
  77. Nuevo Mundo (Guatemala)
  78. Manna Project International (Nicaragua)
  79. Ko'eju Asunción (Paraguay)
  80. Burj El-Barajnej Refugee Camp (Lebanon)
  81. Filipino Household Workers (Jordan)
  82. Building a Community Excellence Center (Kenya)
  83. Charity Travel (Germany)
  84. R.O.S.E. North India (India)
  85. Volunteer and Explore Nepal (Nepal)
  86. Uganda Rural Fund (URF) (Uganda)
  87. kiima Foods (Uganda)
  88. Visiting Caritas Syria (Syria)
  89. Peruvian Organization Serving the World (OPSM) (Peru)
  90. Nuestra Casa (Chile)
  91. Casa Hogar de los Niños (Mexico)
  92. AMAIDI Volunteering in India (India)
  93. Sircadia Eco Project (Peru)
  94. Rock Event for CORP (India)
  95. Terra Nova (Mozambique)
  96. Charity Travel
  97. Working Boys Centre (Ecuador)
  98. The Wachimak indigenous community (Ecuador)
  99. Utila-Iguana (Honduras)
  100. Traveller Not Tourist (Peru)
  101. Comuna de Rhiannon (Ecuador)
  102. Maya Pedal (Guatemala)
  103. Ecuador Eco-Adventure (Ecuador)
  104. EntreMundos (Guatemala)
  105. Esperanza Verde (Green Hope) (Peru)
  106. Angeles que Aguardan (Peru)
  107. Tumaini Miles of Smiles Centre (Kenya)
  108. Chacra El Cielo (Argentina)
  109. Development Africa Work camp (Kenya)
  110. New Hope's Children Centre (Kenya)
  111. Pnola: Reconstruction Help for Hurricane Victims (United States)
  112. Great Baikal Trail (Russia)