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  1. Volunteer in the Bolivian Amazon (education, conservation, healthcare, NGO management) (Bolivia)
  2. Asociación Atz’anem K’oj – Theatre of the Oppressed, fighting for rights (Guatemala)
  3. Superlearner Project Lima (Peru)
  4. Mundo de Niños - Helpers for social bakery project (Peru)
  5. Volunteer/ intern placements (Kenya)
  6. Community Development Heroes in Africa (Tanzania)
  7. Meaningful Free Volunteer Programs in Africa (Uganda)
  8. Corcovado School - Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica (Costa Rica)
  9. Crisis Skylight London (United Kingdom)
  10. Turtle Foundation Cabo Verde (Cape Verde)
  11. Go Volunteer Africa (Hope Development Volunteers)
  12. Volunteer, Intern at Openmind Projects Training Center in Thailand (Thailand)
  13. Volunteering Projects in Uganda this summer|Beacon of Hope Uganda (Antarctica)
  14. Volunteer and tour Uganda (Uganda)
  15. Volunteer in Uganda| Affordable Volunteer Projects| Volunteer in Africa (Uganda)
  16. we are in need of volunteer pedagogues and social workers (Uganda)
  17. Orphan Care Project in Uganda (Antarctica)
  18. Bolivia-Performing Life Inc (Bolivia)
  19. BRING A SMILE TO AN UNDERSERVED COMMUNITY - Volunteer in a Village in Ghana (Ghana)
  20. Ditshwanelo (Botswana)
  21. Kitega Community Centre Uganda (Uganda)
  22. Quality Affordable Volunteering in Uganda (Uganda)
  23. AFRICAN ARCHITECTURE INTERNSHIP (Short-Term Volunteer or Gap Year in Africa) (Ghana)
  24. Fundraising to Teach in Delhi region (India)
  26. Abaana Rural Outreach Ministries (Uganda)
  27. Sustainable Volunteer Work in Mukono District, Uganda (Uganda)
  28. Child Growth Promotion inrural Uganda (Uganda)
  29. kiva (United States)
  30. Safer Future (Sierra Leone)
  31. Left Foot Organics (United States)
  33. Beacon of Hope Uganda (Uganda)
  34. Volunteer in a rural elementary School (Cameroon)
  35. Education for all Trust Network (Kenya)
  36. Happy Children Project (Ghana)
  37. Volunteer 4 Africa
  38. GreenEarth Heritage Foundation (Philippines)
  39. Papua Barat Sustainable Living Foundation (Indonesia)
  40. Cope Laos (Laos)
  41. Helping Hands 4 Africa (Uganda)
  42. God's Golden Acre (South Africa)
  43. Never Again Association Warsaw (Poland)
  44. Social Media Support (Uganda)
  45. Volunteer Abroad in Africa- Web design & Development (Uganda)
  46. Sharing dreams-Peru / volunteer program (Peru)
  47. Loaves and Fishes Duluth, Minnesota USA (United States)
  48. Fundación Aldeas de Paz (Venezuela)
  49. Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) (Afghanistan)
  50. Econorfolk Foundation (Norfolk Island)
  51. Migrant Workers Television (South Korea)
  52. Collectif Associatif pour l'Observation des Élections (Morocco)
  53. Volunteer 4 Africa
  54. Project Assistant - Sea Turtle Conservation (Thailand)
  55. Helping Children and Adults with Disabilities in Kashmir, India (India)
  56. Project Tohoku (Japan)
  57. Un Mundo (Honduras)
  58. Freeland Foundation (Thailand)
  59. Microfinance in Western Vitu Levu (MFW) (Fiji)
  60. The Dhaka Project (Bangladesh)
  61. R.O.S.E. North India (India)
  62. Uganda Rural Fund (URF) (Uganda)
  63. Hope Flowers School (Palestinian Territory)
  64. Sircadia Eco Project (Peru)
  65. Charity Travel
  66. Utila-Iguana (Honduras)
  68. APROVACA (Panama)
  69. Burma Volunteer Programme (Thailand)
  70. Antrek India (India)
  71. Good Samaritan Childrens Home Uganda (Uganda)
  72. The Karikuy Organization (Peru)
  73. The Emma Animal Rescue Society (TEARS) (South Africa)
  74. AbHa - Arugam Bay Hotel Association (Sri Lanka)
  75. Support the Children of Nepal (Nepal)
  76. Development Africa Work camp (Kenya)

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