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Cuddalore , India via
Mr. Camille van Neer
camille [at] amaidi [dot] org

AMAIDI Foundation, founded at daybreak of January 1, 2010 by Dutchman Camille van Neer and his Indian wife Jansi Rani, is an Indian charitable trust with the mission to assist local communities to help themselves out of poverty.

AMAIDI Foundation does this by supporting local people's initiatives in the field of education, healthcare, livelihood and ecology through financial means and – in collaboration with sister organization AMAIDI Volunteering in India – by sending volunteers. AMAIDI Foundation networks with other organizations that work for the same cause, linking people with people whenever and wherever it makes sense in the light of sustainable development.

At present AMAIDI Foundation hosts a child care center for 15 children from the slums in Cuddalore Old Town, 20 km south of Puducherry, in Tamil Nadu. This project runs successfully thanks to the support of the Dutch Support Group in the Netherlands. AMAIDI Foundation currently seeks volunteers who - after participating in the slum community in Cuddalore - assist the organization to faise funds for two other projects that have started some time back but stopped due to lack of funds:

1. AMAIDI Child Activity Center (ACAC)

On second floor of the community building (built in 2005 with funds from Oxfam-Novib, Netherlands) where the AMAIDI Child Care Center is located, some 35 children studying from 1st till 8th standard in the age-group of 6 till 14 years until recently came together from 5.30 till 8 pm to receive home-work guidance and games/songs to relax after a day of hard studies. These children literally don't have the space and the guidance at home to make their home-work as a result of which they lag behind and are punished for their 'lack of discipline to work hard'. The children would make home work under the guidance of a graduated primary school teacher, have a healthy snack, share school- and life-experiences with age mates, sing songs and play games. This project was very popular amongst the older children of the slums. And their only chance on help with their struggle to survive in their school career.

2. AMAIDI Meal Service for the Old and Destitute

Every morning and afternoon, some 30 old and destitute women from the slums would come and collect their breakfast and lunch from the community building built by AMAIDI Foundation. Most of them would sit near the child care center and eat their breakfast, discussing the news of the day with other old ladies. Some would take their breakfast home and eat it there. A Finnish volunteer has put tiles where these ladies were eating in a sandy place before. As a result the place is kept clean and tidy. The old ladies were very happy with this service and feel sad it has stopped.

What we suggest is that the volunteer-fundraiser joins us for some time in the slum community, sleeps with a local family or in one of the guest rooms of the community building and gets a feel what it is like to live and survive there. Volunteer gets acquainted with the back ground of these two projects, why it was so appreciated and how and finds ways - using his/her own network of family/friends or simply Googling on the Internet - to create a small list of potential donors to approach. Together with the staff of AMAIDI Foundation, volunteer will write up some proposals along with a budget and submit it to the mentioned donor organizations, emailing with them and try to come to a positive conclusion.

In general we appreciate any contribution or effort made to help us out in our work in this vulnerable community of slum inhabitants of Cuddalore Old Town.

AMAIDI Foundation would appreciate the coming of one or two fund raise volunteers who would be willing to participate in the life of the slum population of Cuddalore Old Town, a fishermen's hamlet close to the Bay of Bengal in Tamil Nadu, about 4 hours drive south of Tamil Nadu's capital Chennai.
One or two fund raise volunteers
We would appreciate when the fund raise volunteers would commit to stay at least 1-2 months.
For fund raising you need a sensitive attitude towards the needs of the target population (in this case the people living in the slums of Cuddalore Old Town), some fluency in written English, the willingness to go out on the Internet and search for donors/sponsors and the endurance to keep on going in spite of delay in response from the people you write to.
The activity would be a combination of community participation (help with whatever seems to be the best thing to do) and fund raising; participate in the AMAIDI Child Care Center.
2011-02-13 - 2012-02-13
AMAIDI Volunteer in India ask a onetime fee of EUR 199 towards placement and guidance. Staying at the AMAIDI Community Building will cost EUR 6 per person per day, including all meals.

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Pensioner Lines Street , Cuddalore , India

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