AMAIDI Volunteering in India

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Bharathi Nagar, India via
Camille van Neer
info [at] amaidi [dot] org
(+91) 9626565007, Skype [amaidi1]

Amaidi is a facilitating organization specialised in volunteer placements across India.

Amaidi envisages an extensive network of highly qualified project partners: organizations sending volunteers, interns or professionals from Europe and US and receiving organizations in India: NGOs, companies and government agencies. Where the need of the receiving organization and the need of the person(s) coming to India are perfectly matched. And where all services related to voluntary work- and travel are within close reach.

Amaidi aims to be a focal point for volunteers, interns and professionals from Europe and US as well as for organizations in India at the receiving end, matching supply and demand in either direction, whether short term or long term, as a single assignment or as a combination of travel and work, facilitating placement, guidance, logistics and accomodation.

sustainable development
By sending volunteers, interns and professionals to local Indian development organizations like charitable NGO's, schools and hospitals, AMAIDI aims at promoting sustainable development: 'development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs' (UN/Brundtland Commission (1987).

Where people from the West work with local staff, transfer of knowledge and experience takes place in a mutual process, aimed at positively influencing the strategy and operations of the receiving organization. By safeguarding the stream of professional volunteers and volunteering professionals towards her partner organizations, AMAIDI wants to support their work towards upliftment of their common target-group: the rural and (semi-)urban poor.

We welcome volunteers, interns and professionals to participate in a project from 2 weeks up to a year.
We invite our prospective volunteers to send us their (English) CV and a Motivation Letter from which we conclude where volunteer is at his/her best, considering the special wishes (location, for example).
We help volunteers, interns and professionals to find temporary work in Indian organizations in the field of livelihood/micro-finance, capacity building, children, engineering, women development, agriculture, social work, tribal development, arts & crafts, consultancy, health-care, animal care & wildlife and awareness programs.
EUR 199 (one time contribution to AMAIDI)
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10, 2nd Cross Street, Bharathi Nagar, India

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