Aquí me quedo

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Quetzaltenango, Guatemala via kindly anonymous
Stéphane Gué
voluntariado [at] aquimequedo [dot] org

Who are we?

Aquí Me Quedo is a social activist business that has chosen the world of restaurants for implementing and evaluating innovative economic models that allow to provide financial support to social changes.



Who is behind all this?

AMQ is an operating business model born of the Association Payasos Atz'anem K'oj / METOCA (, a Franco-Gautemalan non-profit organization that fights for the defense of fundamental human rights. It works actively, confronting the public space, to change social relations of oppression and domination, especially through the theatre and artistic, creative and participatory methodologies that integrate social problems.



What are they up to in the kitchen?

AMQ is a restaurant that responds exclusively to home delivery orders or takeaway with an assortment of dishes that reflect an international inspiration with a substantial local touch. The motto of the project is: "healthy, artisanal cuisine at a reasonable price." (


And our sustainable development policy?


We use reusable packaging, propose an increasingly systematic use of organic products and promote local consumption and production.

Different parts of work are possible and needed (for more and other information please visit: Chef or Cook (infos here about this work, because most urgent) Communication Marketing
10 weeks, people with expierence in specific areas (pastries, pizza, bakery, ultimate ice-cream teacher, Permaculture, etc) maybe less
What I absolutely need • Experience as a cook or Chef • Basic handling of the Spanish language • Take charge of my travel and insurance costs • Minimum commitment of 3 months - preference is given to proposals for 6 months to a year What will give me extra points • Training and skills in a specific area (pastries, pizza, bakery, ultimate ice-cream teacher, Permaculture, etc) • Related professional or volunteer experiences
What am I going to do? • Coordinate the kitchen team (1 to 3 people) and make a day of 3/4 of the time in the restaurant • Take responsibility for the quality control of orders (preparation and shipping) during my day • Participate in the creation of new dishes • Collaborate in improving the production system of high-quality frozen and pre-frozen foods. • Participate in training and personal skills development What will they expect of me? • To share the passion for cooking and for creating business models dedicated to the social impact of AMQ • To contribute to the development of this start-up with social orientation • To develop my own adaptability and personal engagement in a new context • To take on ambitious goals • To work hand in hand with a local, motivated team • To be creative, autonomous and responsible to inspire good practices in a convivial atmosphere
What will they offer me? • To be part of the adventure that is developing a start-up • Share knowledge by working with a professional team both in the arts of the table as in the field of social activism • To know our current projects and to take part in the activities in the field • Validate and formally acknowledge (recommendation letter) advances and the actions carried out during the period of volunteering • A room with access to a shared kitchen, or if you prefer, help to find appropriate accommodation • According to the experience and the length of stay, a contribution in food equivalent to lunches on the days worked

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10a calle 13-63 zona 1, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

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