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Auroville is a universal city in the making that belongs to no one in particular and is open to all nationalities, races and religions. It was founded to realise human unity and research and develop sustainable living for the cultural, environmental, spiritual and social needs of mankind. The city was inaugurated in 1968 with representatives from 124 countries. It is located in Tamil Nadu, South India, 6km north of Pondicherry.

An abundance of initiatives are located within Auroville. Some of these include:

Sadhana Forest- permaculture, forest restoration, afforestation, and raising the water table

AVAG- Auroville Village Action Group- education, women's empowerment and microfinance

Auroville Earth Institute - training courses in earthen architecture

Buddha Garden- permaculture and organic farming

CSR- Centre for Scientific Research, renewable energy, training programmes 

Auroville Water Harvest- sustainable water use and water resource management

WELL Paper (Women's Empowerment through Local Livelihoods)- women's empowerment, microfinance, recycled material products

Upasana- sustainable fashion design 

Solitude Farm- permaculture based on the Fukuoka method

 Each initiave has its own website and more details about them can be found through the Auroville website or the Auroville portal

Auroville needs an unlimited number of volunteers in all areas of expertise. Opportunities are available for study, volunteering, and internship programmes and work in areas of expertise. The current population is over 2000 permanent residents and as many or more seasonal guests, from all parts of the world. Capacity for many more people is available.
afforestation, forest restoration, teaching, education, project management, IT, design, administrative, research, water resource management, sustainable building, earth architecture, renewable energy, solar power, wind power, permaculture, waste management, recycling programmes, village outreach, women's empowerment
research, education, sustainable living and practice, spiritual development
2010-01-18 - 2010-05-20
Auroville has a collective economy based on willing and voluntary contributions that provides many services to its residents. Aurovillians contribue to the collective welfare through work and monetary contributions. Guests pay a minimal daily contribution. Some volunteering programmes provide accomodations and/or meals. Residents and guests put money into a personal account that they sign for in shops and restaurants, eliminating the need for cash. Auroville aims to be fully self-supporting with no money needed.

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Auroville, India

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