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Tolagnaro 614 , Madagascar via
info [at] azafady [dot] org
+ 261 20 92 212 65

UK charity founded 1994 partnering with a Malagasy non-profit on a wide range of projects in 80 rural communities in the Anosy and Androy regions of southeast Madagascar, as well as the urban cenre of Fort Dauphin.

Azafady works with local people / grassroots communities to conserve threatened forests that are home to countless endemic and endangered species. They commit to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) of reducing extreme poverty by 50% while conserving the irreplacable rainforest.

anyone over the age of 18, groups of 15-20 people
2-3 weeks
Azafady offers special short-term volunteering programs in community development (construction, English teaching) and conversation work. These projects are selected to make meaningful change, even within 2-3 weeks time. This is possible because they also run sustainable long-term projects.
in order to participate, Azafady asks you to fundraise £595 for 2 weeks, or £795 for 3 weeks. This covers everything except flights and a country registration fee.

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B.P. 318, Tolagnaro 614 , Madagascar

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