Burj El-Barajnej Refugee Camp

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Beirut, Lebanon via
Adel Waarieh

Bourj El-Barajneh (Borj el Brajne) refugee camp has been established in 1955. The living condition of many life-long refugees in the refugee camp are horrible. About 20,000 people here. It is difficult to find but here is the exact location mapped out on wikimapia.

The streets are so narrow that the children have no playground. Electricity wires and water hoses are bound together and hang above the streets. This is dangerous and leads sometimes to deaths by electrocution. Many houses are never repaired after the Israeli bombs struck in 2006. There are rats on the street, some open sewerage. This refugee district has many of the characteristics of a slum area.

Ask any taxi driver for Bourj El-Barajneh and they will welcome you there, even let you stay for the night. You will have an unforgettable experience, and our friends that are forced to live in such miserable conditions, are helped a lot, even with fifty dollars to pay for medication. But more priceless it is when you just listen to their story, bring some little presents and unite with these wonderful people for a moment in the spirit of deep equality our world so desperately needs. Go!

a day or a week
Independence. This is for brave volunteers.
Raising awareness for the plight of Palestian Refugees living in Camps in Lebanon.
I suggest to donate 50-100 USD
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On my visit to the Refugee Camp in November 2009 I met the most amazing and hospitable people, but learned they lived in poverty. Healthcare was bad so I supported some poor families to set an example. I can recommend everyone to visit Burj El-Barajnej on a trip to Lebanon.
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Burj El Barajneh, Beirut, Lebanon

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