Charity Travel

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Berlin, Germany via
Kamiel Verwer and Yeon Choi
kamielverwer [at] hotmail [dot] com

Charity Travel is a large adventurous journey around the world, combining exciting traveling with supporting small-scale charity causes, thereby inspiring other travelers to follow our example. We want to demonstrate through Charity Travel that it is possible to bypass large bureaucracies and individually work with small charities that really need help. The emphasis is on inspiring as many travelers as possible, showing them that traveling can be more than self-indulgence, and that charitable giving can be exciting, cool, and effective at the same time.

We find our causes mainly through the hospitality website, which offers reliable contacts to people who are often involved in charitable projects themselves or know how to get to those trustworthy orphanages, streetkids' projects, ecological farms, disease prevention programmes, charity hospitals we intend to support.

In times of all-encompassing economic and touristic globalization we think it becomes important - and possible - for so-called first-world citizens to experience the real world beyond what they see on television and become sensitized about it.

Two travelers. And a lot of friends.
For those willing to follow the example: count on four months minimum
We used our sense of adventure and problem solving to find meaningful things to do at various projects
2009-10-14 - 2010-10-14
Charity Travel costs about 20,000 USD

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Friedensplatz, Berlin, Germany

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