Charity Travel

Charity Travel (CT) is the 2010 long solidarity journey around the world by Yeon and Kamiel, it is where the creators of kindmankind drew their inspiration from.

During CT we have built a community center, started income generation programs, helped peace group activists, forest conservationists, migrant workers, connected a microfinance institution, did arts programs, worked with homeless people, and much more. CT was designed to connect small charitable initiatives to courageous helpers on a global scale. We have to help the struggling initiatives left behind by institutions. Be inspired!

Administration Arts&Culture Child Care Construction Disaster Relief Education Environment Food/Farming Healthcare Human Rights Media Poverty Relief Sensitizing Sustainability Water / Sanitation

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EL Alto

We found out about COMPA simultaneously through two different contacts, and we decided to support the unique initiative in Bolivia's greatest urban area. A local minibus from La Paz took us uphill to the plateau of El Alto that is overlooking the...


Ñanta is an alternative education centre that works with child and adolescent workers (NATs): Shoeshine boys, paperboys, car cleaners, tomb cleaners, shopping bag carriers, travelling salesmen, etc. Ñanta is a non-profit making institution, which...


Ko'eju is a christian non-profit working in the slum area between the rio Paraguay and the city center of Asunción.

Volunteers assist in activities, tech, or help set up a mircobusiness. Pro-active minds are very welcome.

Buenos Aires

We are a nonprofit, civil society organization that works with youth living in socially marginalized and extremely impoverished area of Argentina. We carry out a number of programs and activities with the goal of providing for the healthy...


Nuestra Casa is a unique shelter for the homeless, supporting and encouraging their clients on their way back into society. The organization provides affordable food and shelter for 30 homeless men in Santiago and organizes activities to...


The main problem for small entrepreneurs in Fiji is affordable access to finances. The government runs a number of microfinance schemes but seems to be backing out and expecting them to be self-sustainable, which is a tough challenge. In...


Freeland seeks to free the world of wildlife trafficking and human slavery. Based in Bangkok, they face the huge challenge of eradicating the organized crime that is unfortunately making money out of these illicit activities. Freeland organized...


Welcome to Khmer New Generation Organization (KNGO), a Cambodian NGO that offer free education for children and youths such as: English literacy education, computer skills, moral education, Primary health education, Environmental education and...

Chbar Morn

Sao Sary Foundation (SSF) is an NGO working in Kampong Speu, one of the poorest provinces of Cambodia to protect children from any form of abuse, violence and exploitation.
Founded in 2006 by Vichetr Uon and officially recognized as a non-...

Ho Chi Min City

Saigon Children's Charity was founded in 1992 for a specific purpose: to help disadvantaged Vietnamese children to get an education and a fairer start in life. Today, we continue to focus on the same needs.

Our programmes aim to help the...


Cope, founded in 1997, stands for Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise and is a local organisation working with rehabilitation centers and the Lao Health Ministry. As a direct result of the Vietnam war, millions of UXO (unexplodes...


Doing something good doesn't need to be professionalized all the time. Every once in a while, Charity Travel finds a needy individual and makes them happy with a sustainable donation in kind. We donate something useful, that is a commodity to the...


Sichuan Quake Relief (SQR) is a non-profit, humanitarian organisation dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by the 12 May 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

* To help incubate grassroot organisations that...


Kagisano Women's Shelter project started in June 1998; in 2009 a successful jewelry workshop was initiated.

Kagisano's mission in their own words:

"To empower those affected by HIV/AIDS and violence by providing temporary shelter,...


As a part of our Charity Travel project, we (Kamiel Verwer and Yeon Choi) visited Terra Nova in the morning and got a good overview of its activities. The small company was working on a designated part of the city's garbage dump. Next to a smelly...


Muodjo's mission it to assist vulnerable children and develop their cultural abilities, with special focus on streets children and orphans.

Muodjo supply materials for an exhibition they organize with pictures the children drew.


The Rainbow Community Excellence Center is the largest project of Charity Travel. Located near the shores of Lake Victoria and Kenya's third largest town of Kisumu, it serves a rural community by providing them a range of services. At the core of...


Since 2001, there is a Center for Peace in a small Palestinian village on the West Bank, operated by two amazing men who both have suffered from the humiliation and the war, but keep striving for peace. In a small school they have organized Peace...


Bourj El-Barajneh (Borj el Brajne) refugee camp has been established in 1955. The living condition of many life-long refugees in the refugee camp are horrible. About 20,000 people here. It is difficult to find but here is the...


In Aleppo, Charity Travel supports a project supporting Iraqi refugees, that is run by caritas France. I think this cause is deserving especially because they help the families regardless of their confession. Currently, there are 583 families,...


"The Mother Child Education Foundation (AÇEV), founded in 1993, is a Turkish non-governmental organization which has vast research, program development, program implementation and advocacy experience in early...


Charity Travel is a large adventurous journey around the world, combining exciting traveling with supporting small-scale charity causes, thereby inspiring other travelers to follow our example. We want to demonstrate through Charity Travel that...

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