Childline Uganda

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Kampala, Uganda via kindly anonymous
Stephen Tomusange
childlineuganda [at] gmail [dot] com
+256 705 339 090

Childline uganda is a community based organisation that deals with helping the need children in the community. We do help children of different categories like HIV positve children, needy orphans, disabled children and children who are poverty striken to access education, basic needs, medical treatment and their house holds to have income generating activities.

we need volunteers to help us in looking after these children in order for them to live a better life.

We need 1-6 volunteers at a time who at the age of 18 years and above
At least 1 month
Teaching, community mobilization, fundraising skills, love for the children, musical skills
Teaching children in classes, caring and providing psychosocial support to the children, singing and playing ball, teaching the community proper hygiene and sanitation, distributing the available help to the needy and fundraising for the organisation
Each volunteer will pay $500 for 1 month for each volunteering position and their stay with us.This is because of the rise in the cost of living in Uganda.

Kampala, Uganda

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