DinDang Natural Building Centre Project

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Paksong, Thailand via kindly anonymous
dindang [dot] info [at] gmail [dot] com

Near Pak Song there is a local NGO. It is specialized in natural building. The organization has been set up in 2007 and its aim is to spread the knowledge on natural building and to taking care of the environment by living in a self-sustainable and ecological way.

Ever since people have been building houses with adobe (clay). This technique has proven to be cheap, environmental friendly, ecological and social. It is, however, not a fast way of building. So, building a clay house is really suitable to organize in a project with a small group of motivated and interested people.
It is a perfect way to use all your skills, your body and your creativity to create a building of natural material.

We strongly believe in the environmental and social benefits of building houses this way. We really want to promote this way of building and the use of environmental sources in the area where people live.

We are building a Natural Building Educational Center, a center where we will organize workshops, meetings, educational projects, summer camps and social events for the people and students of Paksong area. A small park/flower garden, a vegetable garden and pavilions will surround the Natural Building Educational Center
This center will have a number of facilities, such as:
 Small clay houses for visitors to stay
 A library
 A big meeting area
 Toilets and showers
 A dormitory
 Water supply-units
 A dining area
 A kitchen
 and so on

There will be meetings and information sessions on ideas, techniques and methods of construction, gardening during your visit.

Your help in realizing the dream of the center will certainly enrich your experience as well as let you see the wonderful and joyful activities that the area has to offer.

DinDang asks a participation fee of 2500 THB per week to host you and provide you with three good meals a day at the DinDang Eco-lodge, a Thai style house where it is a shared room maximum 4 people. A small lodge run by a Thai family. The place is located in a beautiful garden. The guesthouse is very clean and the family welcomes you with Thai hospitality.

The rooms are simple and clean. You share a room with no more than 4 people. The beds have mattresses, covers, mosquito nets and pillows. (Bring your own sheet and sleeping bag if you prefer).
Two toilets and bathrooms are available as well as a WiFi internet connection.

For more information on the volunteer program please visit the our website.

everybody is welcome :) we give you instructions how to build with clay and about all the tasks we do :)
1 week
don't be afraid to get your hands dirty
building clay houses, construction, gardening, carpentering
2500 THB per week (food and accomodation as well as wifi [in case you bring your own computer] are included, as well as the materials we will need for the work)

51/2 M.4, Paksong, Thailand

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