Eco Village Vrinda Bhumi

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O Circuito das Águas, Brazil via kindly anonymous
Marissa Fidalgo
mohanamurti [at] gmail [dot] com

Please note that we request our visitors and volunteers to abstain from intoxicants and extramarital relationships to preserve the sanctity of the project.
Here you can learn portuguese, spanish and english. There are people of different places, so diversity is a big quality.
Volunteers have to help our community with 4-5 daily hours, There are many things they can help us, but mainly they will try with constructing natural constructions and with agriculture, which is one of the most important activities in Vrinda Bhumi, so we are preparing the land to offer us the perfect food. Organic vegetables are part of a good nutrition and in order for us to get them you will learn about natural plantation what will allow you to evolve others in this magnific process which includes, through knowledge and practice, to protect and respect the environment. The violence-free diet allows you to develop a greater compassion for all living entities.
6 US daily or 180 US per month corresponding to three meals per day. This is also equivalent to 4 or 5 hours of daily work in any of ours areas.

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O Circuito das Águas, Brazil

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