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Berlin, Germany via
Arne [at] ecobasa [dot] org
+49 (0)163/6310622

Ecobasa is a social networking online platform aiming to connect people searching for alternative ways of living.
It holds an open database for ecovillages, eco-sustainable communes, farms and projects.
Projects can register and upload media to present and organize their day-to-day living. The can tag what kind of work they are doing. So if someone wants to learn something about permaculture in spain, he can simply look for projects that practice it there and ask if he can come and help them out.
In return s/he gets food and accomodation.
A review can be left after the stay on both sides, so future interessees can have a look how guests or residents felt at the place. And the guest will have a reference for future applies.

There is also the option to create planning groups if you want to create an ecovillage or similar community and are looking for other people to join your dream.
Within the open „sharity“ system all the projects can apply for ressources they need for realising their ideas of living. Ecobasa members can give them their „basapoints“ and all given donations are passed to the winners at the end of the month.

Ecobasa also holds an alternative ways of living wiki, with the knowledge you need to build houses form natural or recycling materials and live independent and/or low eco-impact.

It promotes an independent lifestyle not linked to the use of money and being closer to nature and people. I think this is what the people in this world do need most badly. Most of our daily actions are just uncounsciously destroing our environment because we don't understand it. We live too seperated.

Ecobasa shall always be free to use, open source, and commercial free.

We need all kind of people! Ecobasa is maintained and developed in a non-commercial open-source way. So if you have interest in developing the platform further, just go ahead. We will have a headquarter somewhere where there will be food, accommodation and lovely people around. So you can come and join the team anytime and wont need any money hopefully.
anytime can change the world
Drupal, css, php, graphic design
Mainly developing the platform on drupal. Working on a new platform from scratch meanwhile. We have all kinds of work to do. Everybody can do something. Writing, thinking, talking..
We try to provide and ensure everything that is needed directly, without the use of money. So you bring your skills, your knowledge and your thinking and we all profit from each other.

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Berlin, Germany

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