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Free of cost Ayurvedic clinic for people infected with Elephantiasis in Nepal
Elephantiasis is a group of traditional Ayurvedic practitioners and volunteers under the  leadership of Bina Acharya,  renowned Ayurvedic and Homeopathic practitioner , social worker  in Nepal and India.
We running small Ayurvedic clinic in Kathmandu where we provide cheap and effective treatment not only of chronic diseases, but also we cure cancer, HIV, TB and others that comes under category of “incurable” in modern medicine.  Thus all our medicines are made of local herbs; our work is fully sustainable for development of Alternative medicine in Nepal for future generations.

   In Kathmandu and the surrounding area there are around 1000 people with Elephanthiasis and around 25,000 in all Nepal.  In 1 year we are planning to cure 100 patients.

   Or lymphatic filariasis is a tropical disease.
The WHO classifies it as a neglected disease of the poor. It is transmitted by filarial parasites that are passed on to humans through mosquito bites. The larvae enter the lymphatic vessels and adult worms form “nests” in the lymphatic system.
 The swollen limbs are very painful and the patient suffers also from fever, headache and vomiting. It leads to permanent disability.
Through the disfiguring manifestation they get very depressed. Stay in the house and become isolated.
There are no modern medicines for this disease and prevention medicines causing harmful side effects and sometimes even death of still healthy people.

The CURE does exist  
  Ayurvedic treatment of this disease is fast, effective and low cost. We use 2 types of medicines, one for internal intake and another for external application. Treatment last for one month, following by preventive and rejuvenative medicines. After one month patient are free of swelling in the limbs and can lead normal life, following medicine completely removes all the parasites from the body, thus cure becomes permanent.

Why Ayurvedic treatment is important and effective
   Medicines are collected within Nepal. People can be taught the right medicines to collect and use in their villages. They become independent from modern drugs and can help to other people who had fallen sick with the same illness.
It doesn’t cost money, It doesn’t cause side effects, it gives CURE. It is SUSTANABLE.

How our project will work
-We will rent a 12 room house in outskirts of Kathmandu
-We will employ nurses, other required staff and volunteers
-We will buy furniture and other required equipments
-We will find infected people with elephantiasis in the villages and bring them to our clinic to stay for 1 month.
-We will provide them with medicines, food and care for 1 month and after they cured, we will take them back to their home.
-During the treatment we will teach them what herbs to collect and how to use them for treatment of elephantiasis

What else we will do
   As much as our fund permits us, we will provide free outdoor treatment for  patients with other diseases as well like tuberculosis, sugar diabetes, cancer and many more that a prevalent among poor population of Nepal.


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