Five Years Celebration

Dear contributors/members of kind mankind,

I hope this newsletter finds you well. This month we celebrate the fifth anniversary of

What has happened? The site has remained the same - which might be something good in our fast-changing online world. I realized I want to promote this site more, and more importantly, this concept. It would be great if you could help me, or rather, the concept of direct meaningful, peer to peer volunteering.

At the MakeSense Unconference in Berlin last July I found out about TeachSurfing, which is a similar idea to kindmankind: people travel the world in a Couchsurfing fashion to share their knowledge and teach at local schools in places where that makes sense to everyone involves. TeachSurfing was founded by an enthusiastic Armenian software engineer and I can highly recommend it.

Meanwhile, kindmankind is still going strong; I would always be happy with more projects listed and more references written, because it can help struggling initiatives significantly because it makes them more visible and puts them in our 'web of trust'. And I would very much appreciate your feedback regarding the design of the site and its philosophical underpinnings.

This site will remain online (I keep paying for the webspace anyway). If there is anyone willing to make a mobile version or improve the existing site, that would also be great. And if you want to spread the word, that would be awesome. Once again, I am not begging for publicity for this website. It is about something bigger: the concept of no-nonsense helping those who need it most in the spirit of a kinder mankind.

Wishing you great late summer night's evenings and looking forward to hearing from you,

From Berlin PrenzlBerg,


Fresh Initiatives

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