Forest Saving Stovess

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This Initiative needs more details - and probably more help.

Buea, Cameroon via kindly anonymous
Masango Sone
info [at] greencameroon [dot] org
+237 7775 68 81

This program has to do with building Forest Saving Stoves for community members of the Mount Cameroon Forest Region. Volunteer would be in charge of practically building the stoves for each house whole under their observation after some training.

The project simply has to do with Building forest saving stoves for community members aimed at cutting down the rate of forest wood consumption in the Mount Cameroon forest Region. Any one above the age of 18 is welcomed to apply provided they are physically fit. Up to a total of 4 volunteers can be accepted at a time.
Volunteers would work for 8 Hours each day and will all contribute to other activities at Green Cameroon's Office. The minimum volunteer period is 3 months while 12 months is ideal.
Not much skill is needed with the project as volunteers will be given a short training to enable them carry out their work satiscatorily
Activities involve Building Forest Saving Stove for community members. While at Green Cameroon, Volunteer will also be expected to take part in other office activities as Administration might deem necessary.
The in no cost attached to this volunteer possition. Volunteers will instead receive Pidgin Language lessons that will enable them interact more with community members.

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Likoko, Buea, Cameroon

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