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This Initiative needs more details - and probably more help.

This Initiative is for inspiration only and not suitable for active involvement.

Nairobi, Kenya via kindly anonymous
Mr. Wallace Karira Muraya
githuraicommunityprojects [at] gmail [dot] com
+(0) 713 183 076

Who we are:

Githurai Community Projects is an Umbrella/Think Tank of five legal organizations and has a broad network of voluntary of Community Based Organizations (C.B.O’s) and in addition, has a unique professional credibility concerning key developmenttopics whereby their main objectives is for Empowering and Improving the lives of the underserved and less fortune in the Community. We work together to break the cycle of poverty too.

Our initiatives are primarily active and engaged in the areas of;

·        Child Education (Orphaned and Vulnerable Children-O.V.C's)

·        Disabled Persons

·        Economic empowerment

·        Environmental Conservation

·        Sports Activities

thGithurai Community Projects was founded on a strong spirit of volunteerism. Hence, we would welcome volunteers to help organize and promote events or provide their skills and services to raise awareness of our work.

Volunteering for Githurai Community Projects can range from organizing a fundraising event in your work place, school, church, social places or neighborhood to joining one of the organizing committees for Githurai Community Projects events.

We make differences one-step by a time. Hence, in this connection, if you would like to offer your time, skills or services to Githurai Community Projects, we will highly appreciate and cooperate with you.


We require a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 20 people in touring our project. Age will range from 18 and above. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION'S THAT IS NOT INCLUDED ELSEWHERE IN THE APPLICATION. - We would like to offer tours on a weekly basis. - Tours will be given in Swahili and English languages. - Tours takes place in rainy or shiny seasons. Tour itinerary might be modified in case of inclement weather. - Approximate walking distance(km and miles please) Medium (2 miles/1km or less walking distance with no physical efforts. - Recommended clothing and equipment Descent/casual cladding/clothing/, binoculars, camera, change of clothes, comfortable shoes for walking, hat, light shirt/T-Shirt, sunglasses/goggles, sunscreen lotion and warm clothes. - Type of registration do you offer are; Individual registration/ groups registration/Both - Length of advanced notice required to book a tour (Ex.: Book 2 days in advance) Please book at least 3 days in advance. - In case of donations payment, we would you like to receive money either through; ● Bank Account ● Mobile Banking ● Western Union ● Cash ● Money order ● Money Gram ● Postal Order ● Cheque - I often check in your emails Frequently. - It's better to reach me by phone or by email or else both.
Time commitment will be 10 hours per day. On duration of stay will depended with the visitor.
Skills needed will vary from, cooking, clean up exercises/garbage collection, teaching, tree planting, fundraising, sports/football i.e coaching.
Activities during one's tour will be teaching English in a children's home and taking them around, fundraising, participation in the sports, creating awareness about our cause i.e., online, informing the community with any other helpful information's that would change the society.
Item/Price Guided tour of (10 hours). This will also include the entrance fee, guided village tour and community walk. $30 USD (3,000 KES) per person, per day. $60 USD (6,000 KES) for 2 people per day. Full board + overnight accommodation. $30 USD (3,000 KES) per person per night. $60 USD (6,000 KES) for 2 people per day. Transportation from the airport to the destination. $40 USD (4,000 KES) per person per day. $80 USD (8,000 KES) for 2 to 3 people per day. Meals, drinks and round trips. For five meals per day. $50 USD (5,000 KES) per person per day. $100 USD (10,000 for 2 people per day. Transportation to and from/the bus stop to i.e. to the place of destination.(This will depend with the means of transport i.e. a van, car/Taxi etc.) $5 USD (500 KES.) per person per day. $10 USD (1,000 KES) for 2 to 3 people per day. In addition, if you are interested in long hours/days/, the price will be different. Please contact us in adverse for more information’s. Final price depends on the local currency exchange rate at the time of transaction.

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Kimbo-Mwihoko Road, Nairobi, Kenya

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