Future for Children Bali

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Muntigunung, Indonesia via
Daniel Elber
info [at] zukunft-fuer-kinder [dot] ch
+41 (0)52 318 14 05

Zukunft für Kinder (future for children) is a project that actively develops the extremely poor rural area of Muntigunung in Bali.

Due to climate change induced droughts, the agricultural region has been deprived of their normal agricultural lifestyle.

The project supports the people in a number of ways, including rainwater harvesting, water purification, lavatory construction. Scientific studies are conduced and each project is implemented by an expert in the relevant field.
The foundation actively builds Muntigunung's economy by growing cash crops like cashew nuts and rosella tea and selling them locally to hotels, as well as producing a number of cultural artefacts that are for sale on the island. It also organizes trekking tours in the region, with local guides.
As Muntigunung is on its way to sustainability, fewer and fewer women and children are found begging in the streets of Ubud - the children now can attend school.

The foundation welcomes relevant suggestions and "know-how specific to their work"

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Muntigunung, Indonesia

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