Helping Migrants/Refugees

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Istanbul, Turkey via kindly anonymous
sromero [at] randolphcollege [dot] edu

The organization is about 20 years old but for legal purposes they have to fly under the radar; so they are not an official NGO. They help migrants and refugees in Istanbul find food/shelter/ whatever they may need. If these refugees have any appointments with the UN they will provide a one way ticket for transportation. If there are any medical concerns they try to help the best they can or at least refer doctors. They can offer translation services and work with about 10 other churches who are also unofficial in Turkey. 

Everyone!!! Especially Those who care
If you can't donate your time or money please just donate any old clothes, furniture, dishes, ANYTHING. Particularly anything that maybe a single parent household could use or disabled person might need- because those things are harder to come by.
Being awesome.
If you can donate your time the organization does everything from English/Turkish tutoring, preparing warm meals, listening to stories, translating for those who need help at the doctor/pharmacy, theres a mom and tots program, and a childrens play time. More programs can be created if your willing to organize workshops.
It's easier if you already live in Istanbul.

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Istiklal, Istanbul, Turkey

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