Hohoe Charity School, Ghana

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Hohoe, Ghana via
Lindy Adam
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Hohoe Charity School is a free boarding school for orphaned and underprivileged children in the Volta region of Ghana. It schools 180 local children from Kindergarten through to P6. The children are being given access to a quality education they would otherwise not have had beed able to afford. The school motto "moving forward with the joy of knowledge" explains the philosophy of the project, that through education these children will be given the opportunity to break out of the poverty cycle.

Volunteers to assist the teaching staff are needed. Minimum age 18 years. A maximum of 6 volunteers can be housed on the site of the school.
There is no specific time commitment, although we recommend at least 1 week minimum. One - two months is the common length of stay.
A good command of spoken and written english is required.
The volunteer assists the local teacher in the classroom during school hours 8am-3pm. The tasks are simple and varied, volunteers are welcome to contribute in sport and musical activities also.
Volunteers pay $US150/week for lodging and 3 meals per day. ALL of the money goes to support the school.
Reviews / References: 
2011-07-03 - 2011-08-05
Chloe, age 18 Scotland Where do I start, from the moment I arrived I felt so welcome, firstly Ghanaian people are lovely and secondly because everyone at the school is so welcoming. Working alongside the children during school hours, watching them learn and grow was amazing to see as well as some of the things the children taught us, I now know some words in Ewe and can cut grass using a machete, not many people can say that! Whilst I was there I spent the majority of my time with the children literally from the moment i woke until the moment i went to sleep.
6 years 12 weeks ago lindyadam
2011-12-18 - 2011-12-30
Review received from Pierre Elie, France, age 31 Hi Everybody, just to recommend you to volunteer in this school. I went in Dec 2011 and the spirit was really good. Playing, reading and being useful! Just go!!
6 years 12 weeks ago lindyadam
2011-12-17 - 2011-12-30
This is the place to be if you care about children! They are all wonderful and will bring you smiles during your stay and tears when you gotta leave! David, France, Age 30
6 years 11 weeks ago lindyadam

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Hohoe, Ghana

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