I Stand for Change Initiative

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Nairobi, Kenya via kindly anonymous
Purity Ndung'u
pureyshiroh [at] gmail [dot] com

I stand for change is an initiative geared towards spawning interest in global socio-economic trends and initiating positive change in these sectors, particularly in developing countries. The initiative aims to do this by challenging conventional perspectives, generating innovative ideas on feasible and lasting solutions to socio-economic issues and capitalizing on the opportunities that arise with these changes.

I stand for change recognizes that change is an on-going process that faces major challenges especially in maintainability among those already entrenched in traditional ways of doing things. For this reason the initiative primarily targets the youth, especially students, in order to get an early start in breeding reformist ways of thinking.

Given that change applies everywhere, the initiative covers a vast scope but is primarily centred in the environment, business and technology.

The ripples of global warming have been felt throughout the world and various world leaders have convened for talks in search for solutions. It is important that we all embrace these realities and begin taking appropriate courses of action. The initiative will encourage new ideas focused on energy conservation and use of renewable energy sources, policies on plant-life, marine-life and wildlife conservation, water catchment and conservation which is crucial for food security, proper waste disposal and recycling.

In tandem, the initiative will actively advocate for the transition of business establishments into green business and overall, through proper governance, the transition of economies into green economies. This should be done through responsible citizenship at an individual level as well as more involved social responsibility at the organizational level. By supporting this initiative, through both endorsements and sponsorships, establishments will be engaging in impact investing. Impact investing refers to the practice of not only anticipating the financial returns on an investment but also the social and environmental effects it causes. Other forms of impact investing will be encouraged with workable suggestions being forwarded as to how organizations can engage in this for the improvement of quality of life.

Similarly, the initiative will seek to find ways in which technology can contribute to environment conservation and assist in the transformation of economies to green economies. Since technology is a powerful communication tool, the initiative will urge enhancement of technology levels in developing countries and pursue the formation of information systems accessible by all. These information systems will be aimed at providing civil education on the need for maintaining ecological balance and what people can do about it at the individual, local, organizational, national or regional level.

All these changes indicate a looming paradigm shift in leadership in the near future. The initiative will equip its members with leadership skills taking this into consideration. A mentorship programme will be run to facilitate this endeavour, mentors being drawn from the establishments endorsing the initiative. This will contribute greatly towards visionary policy formulation practices, which is a key objective of the initiative. Other events such as conferences, seminars, discussion forums, essay and business plan competitions, petition signings and movements will be held at various intervals to meet the initiative’s objectives.

The initiative will also collaborate with various partners such as Kind Mankind, an online platform through which local initiatives are connected with volunteers, donors and other people willing to help. The initiative will also participate in some events hosted by the United Nations such as joining movements, making pledges and contributing to global conversations about change and socio-economic development.

The initiative accepts people of all ages from all locations with passion for volunteering or simple willingness to assist either at a consulting capacity or through a hands-on approach.Regular access to a computer and the internet will be helpful.
2 days - 1 week
Expertise knowledge in the fields of Journalism and social sciences,Accounting/finance, Environmental Sciences, IT/ICT, Project Management are required.However, lack of these skills does not disqualify any volunteers. We believe the initiative has a place for everyone.
The initiative aims to hold events such as conferences, seminars, discussion forums, essay and business plan competitions, petition signings and movements at various intervals to meet the initiative’s objectives.
Most volunteering work will be done online and hence the cost of volunteering for a volunteer is the cost of accessing the internet.

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Nairobi, Kenya

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