Intiwawa - Arequipa, Peru

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arequipa, Peru via kindly anonymous
Kerryn Wotton or David Gilbert
coordinatorperu [at] intiwawa [dot] com

Intiwawa is an NGO supporting children in a neighbourhood affected by poverty and poor living conditions in the outskirts of Arequipa, Peru. 


Our projects are mainly educational and health-related, and include:

- Help with homework

- English and computer classes

- Classes on different cultures, values, rights and responsibilities

- Provision of toothbrushes and dental check-ups

- Provision of hot, healthy meals

- Weekend projects, which include photography classes and movie nights. 


We are also currently trying to set up a weekly health clinic for the community. 


It is free to volunteer with Intiwawa and, although we can't offer you free housing, we can offer you low accommodation costs and a wonderful experience with a fantastic group of children, aged from 3 - 18 years old. 


Right now, we are looking for the following:


- Volunteers to take part in the activities listed above (3 month commitment usually preferred).

- A new volunteer coordinator, to start at the end of June 2013 (Long-term commitment).

- Medical professionals, to help us to broaden our health services and create a drop-in health clinic. 


We are always open to new project ideas and welcome volunteers with enthusiasm, motivation and energy! 


¡Tenemos fe, valor y entusiasmo! 

We need as many people as possible to volunteer with us! We are also looking for medical professionals and someone to take over the coordination role. It is better if you have a good level of Spanish, as you will be able to communicate with the children better. But, if not, there is a Spanish school near by.
3 months if possible. Even more is even better!
Spanish language skills, Self motivated, Responsible, Good with children, Enthusiastic
Coordination work, teaching English, helping with homework, helping in the kindergarten, providing medical services, new project ideas...
- Its free to volunteer with us!!! - Accommodation costs 370 soles per month.

arequipa, Peru

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