A liter of light

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manila, Philippines via
Illac Diaz
info [at] aliterofight [dot] org

"A liter of light" is a innovative social engineering project by the My Shelter Foundation, working with underprivileged families in the slum areas of Manila.

One of their problems is the lack of adequate lighting, even during daytime as they live in corrugated iron sheets roofed dwellings. The "liter of light" is a plastic bottle put tightly in a hole in the roof and filled with water plus some tablespoons of bleach; the refracted sunlight emits light equivalent to a 55-watts lightbulb. The website has of course some good videos.

The foundation's goal is to have a million home around the country use these lights by 2012 - with the help of volunteers.


Intrepid volunteers can become "light ambassadors" and help spread this concept.

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manila, Philippines

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