Loaves and Fishes Duluth, Minnesota USA

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Duluth, United States via
Joel Kilgour
jkilgour [at] riseup [dot] net

 I am happy to report that I have found a lovely, wonderful place, where I am personally volunteering right this minute, and invite you to join me.  I confirmed again last night that there is no financial obligation, and I have my own room, and food, and my volunteer commitment is only 5 hours a day or so – or more if I wish.  I paid for my own transport here, of course, but now my lodging and food are taken care of.


Where: Duluth, Minnesota, USA

Organisation: Loaves and Fishes

Website: http://duluthcatholicworker.org/

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/duluthcatholicworker


What I do:  Support the homeless people who come to the shelter, and participate in efforts to bring peace to the world.  How? I do my best to accept the people who come to this house just as they are, and encourage them to share  what is alive in them, and listen attentively.  I also cook, clean, and help maintain the houses, and participate and strengthen the community.  I have just arrived, but will soon be giving evening talks on Nonviolent Communication, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Time Banking to the people who live here and anyone else who wishes to come from the Duluth community. All my offers of assistance have been warmly welcomed.

Here is what attracted me to the group:

“We believe in taking personal responsibility for the needs of the world. We are not a tax-exempt organization. We depend entirely on our own work and gifts from friends. All of us - who live in the houses, cook meals, house-sit, counsel and care for our guests - do so on a voluntary basis. We dream of and work to build a peaceful and just world; a world free of hunger, war, racism, homelessness and other such crimes. We invite you to join us in whatever way you can.”


If you are interested in volunteering, please check out the facebook page and website, and contact the group. Do not just show up, because we want to be sure there is a good fit between Loaves and Fishes and its volunteers. Plus, we want to be sure there is a private room available for you.


We especially need adults to come and volunteer their skills and guidance for the (usually) young people who come here with few life skills. Plus we need adults to come who have house maintenance skills, and in summer, gardening skills. Minimum age: 18 Number of people needed: depends on availability of bedrooms in the houses. As of Sept 2011, we could use 6 long term volunteers to come and serve.
No time commitment, the longer the better if it is a good fit. Even one day is welcome.
Good interpersonal skills, sense of humor, patience, ability to listen, teach life skills to others (cooking, cleaning, putting things away. Especially would love to welcome people with bicycle maintenance skills, house maintenance skills, cooking and sewing and gardening skills.
Support the homeless people who come to the shelter, and participate in efforts to bring peace to the world.
No cost to volunteer. Food and lodging is provided for volunteers.

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1614 Jefferson St., Duluth, United States

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