Mayan Hope

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Nebaj, Guatemala via
jim dworschack
jdworschack [at] gmail [dot] com
608 624 3656

Mayan Hope, an NGO based in the beautiful highlands Quiche region of Nebaj, Guatemala, is looking for a person or a couple to take over a humanitarian effort begun well over a decade ago. Don Langely became engaged in an effort to create a locally sustainable school for mentally and physically disabled children where none had existed before. In order to be sustainable, Don runs Popi's Restuarant and hostel with the help of local women using the procedes to finance school operations. This established core of operations provides an entry into the community to further your own ideas of improvements for the area. Check out to see some of the many other ideas and involvement Mayan Hope has been to this community of 23,000 people in the heart of Mayan country. Mayan Hope is a non profit 501 (c) 3 registered in Texas.

After putting in so many years of effort and after much consideration, Don, now in his 70's, has decided to step down due to health issues. Like so much of this type of work, ideally the person(s) should have an independent income for their own living expenses. This opportunity is an excellent opening for an individual (or individuals) to settle into this established base from which their own signature may be added.

Please contact Jim Dworschack by email: jdworschack [at] gmail [dot] com or by phone: 608 624 3656 (Wisconsin) for further information.

This opportunity would be great for one or two people who have an independent income source for their own living expenses (which can be extraordinarily low if desired) who are ambitious, Spanish speaking and looking for a chance to make difference.
One year minimum
patience, energy, enjoy working and living in a different culture, full of ideas of their own to implement their own programs to help
The basic project is running a hostel that has a restaurant which in turn financially supports the school for the disabled. From this existing base, the opportunity expands in whatever direction desired.
Housing can be supplied at the hostel. Food supplied locally is low cost. Beyond these two items any other costs would be optional. Basic costs might be on the order of $5 to $10 per day, up to whatever living standard you desire.

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Nebaj, Guatemala

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