Missionaries of Charity

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Tirana, Albania via
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Mother Teresa recieved the intuition to found the Missionaries of Charity in 1946. They are a Sisterhood who house, feed, and care for the sick and the poorest of the poor. Centres have since been established on all six continents. 

Volunteers are welcome to help the sisters for a week, a month, or longer. To volunteer at the main centre in Calcutta, you just need to show up on any day except Sunday or Thursday and bring your passport. You will be given an orientation and registration.

To volunteer at other centres, you just need to contact the centre in the desired location. The qualifications to volunteeer are ''hearts to love and hands to serve!'' --Mother Teresa. 


How to join Missionaries of Charity

To join the Missionaries of Charity: Applicants must be 18-35 years old and ''guided by the right intention; healthy in body and mind, and so able to bear the hardships of this vocation; able to acquire knowledge, especially the language of the people they serve; of a cheerful disposition; and able to exercise sound judgment.'' -http://www.cmswr.org/member_communities/MC.htm. They must take public vows of chastity, poverty, obedience, and wholehearted free service to the poorest of the poor. They must attend a two-week introduction at the New York House and initiation periods are six-months pre-aspirancy, six-months aspirancy, one-year postulancy, and two-year novitiate.


Joining the Missionaries of Charity: http://www.cmswr.org/member_communities/MC.htm

Missionaries of Charity, Albanian Centre: Rr. Kajo Karafili, 42, Lagja 4, Tirana, Albania
Tel.: 355 42-39296

 Mother Teresa Centre, Calcutta: At: 3 p.m. Nirmala Shishu Bhavan (Home for Children), 78, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata – 700016

A list of centres around the world: http://www.motherteresa.org/07_family/Volunteering/v_cal.html#Contact


All kinds of people are needed from around the world. The qualifications to volunteeer are ''hearts to love and hands to serve!'' --Mother Teresa.
Volunteers are welcome to help the sisters for a week, a month, or longer.
food preparation, serving, tending to the sick, cleaning
charity, child care, poverty relief
No money is required to volunteered. Donations to the organsation are welcome.
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Stepping into the simple stone coutryard of the Missionaries of Charity Tirana, Albania Centre, my couchsurfing host introduced me to the Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity, and I asked them if there was any way I could assist them. They told me that volunteers were welcome and I could come any time. Two days later I came to help. I helped in the community dining hall, where free meals are distrubted every day to members of the public who need them. The majority of people there were older men who were homless in downtown Tirana and had no way to provide for themselves.
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Tirana, Albania

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