Motherhood Childcare Project

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Uganda via kindly anonymous
Alice Norah
orphans4motherhood [at] gmail [dot] com

Participation in the outreach work with members of marginalized population,Prevention work with youth, Hiv/Aids postive ,child headed families. communicating assisting methods of work,washing for them,counselling,escorting children to hospital. Assistance in designing the social program for people living with Hiv/Aids,disabled ,orphans and providing,psychosocial support and help,recreational activities.organising camps.cultural events ,assisting in writing articles for the web-sites, assisting in organizing meetings of self support,& financial empowerment Participation in our HIV/AIDS, reproductive health and substance abuse peer educationprogram,making home visits,and hospital. meeting with volunteers who do peer education program,Teaching in schools for these childrenVolunteers will be involved in fundraising,through preparing project proposals, applying for sponsorships etc. Have the opportunity to think of aproject of their own and to get full support from the staff and other volunteers for its realization.Volunteers will also be encouraged to make suggestions and proposals for activities which areof particular interest to them.Volunteers will be involved in e-mail correspondence, for the organization's activities
$ 500 per month includes meals for a month,accomodation is free.

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P.O.Box 5013 jinjaPysical Address Littleway primary school kawempe Maganjo wakiso District Kampala city, Uganda

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