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La Antigua, Guatemala via kindly anonymous
Valentina, Volunteer Coordinator
volunteer [at] ninosdeguatemala [dot] org


Who we are

 Niños de Guatemala (NDG) is a non-profit organization working towards building a better future for underprivileged Guatemalan children, through providing education in the communities where is most needed.

What we do

Education for all

We provide access to education to families who would not have the opportunity otherwise. In most of the cases, our students are the first ones in their families to go to school. We currently operate 2 primary schools, in Ciudad Vieja and San Lorenzo. In the morning, our kids follow the National Curriculum, since we are approved by the Department of Education. In the afternoons, they receive remedial teaching, arts, crafts, sports, theater and all sorts of creative workshops where they learn how to develop their individual personality and skills in a creative way. Our kids also receive carpentry lessons, in order to learn the most important craft in their community, computer lessons and beginning on Spring 2012, English lessons.

Community work

Besides the schools, we do have a public library and community center where we organize workshops for everyone in the community, including adult literacy classes, recycling, health and nutrition. Our library is the only one in town, so it is widely used by students from other schools, parents and community leaders.

Social Work

Our Social work department organizes the monthly Parenting School, where parents learn constructive ways to educate their children. They also learn about pressing issues in the community, such as domestic violence, alcoholism, and drug or sex abuse.

Health and Nutrition

Our children receive a daily breakfast and lunch in order to be able to focus in class. We also try to teach them healthy habits, such as nutrition and oral hygiene. Once a year we bring Medical Teams from the US to visit our children and their families. We team up with other NGOs in order to provide dental care as well. In 2012 we will begin our Reproductive Health program, which will include education for the children and their families and access to related information and resources.

Volunteer Program


NDG’s school Nuestro Futuro has a permanent need for volunteers to support the teachers in their work of offering the children the best possible education. The teachers are, of course, fully qualified to teach classes according to the national curriculum. However, many of the children in Nuestro Futuro come fromvery difficult backgrounds and have special needs. The help and extra attention that volunteers can offer is of tremendous importance to these children.

NDG is very flexible with regards to the work volunteers can do within the organization. Every individual has his or her own talents and interests, and NDG wants to leave its volunteers the freedom to decide for themselves how best to use those talents to the benefit of the organization.


In order to volunteer at Nuestro Futuro or at El Porvenir, a minimum commitment of 4 weeks is required.

Volunteers can help out in all three programs and are welcome to work in more than just one of them.

• In the mornings, volunteers work as teachers assistants. 

• For the afternoon program Expresión Artística, volunteers are encouraged to design their own program in something such as music, sports, or theater to facilitate with the children. You will receive support from the teachers as well during classes. 

• We also have volunteers help in the afternoon program “Refuerzos.” In this program, volunteers work one-on-one with a child or with a small group of children reinforcing their reading and math skills.




Every person older than 18 is welcomed to volunteer with NDG
In order to volunteer at Nuestro Futuro or at El Porvenir, a minimum commitment of 4 weeks is required.
To volunteer with us an intermediate to advanced level of Spanish is needed
Volunteers could take part in many different programs: -work as a teacher assistant in the morning -work as an assistant in the Revisal Program -organizing workshop during the Creative Expression Program - work as a teacher of the English Program - work as a Music, Sport or Computer teacher. - work in the Carpintery - work in the Library
Volunteers have to pay Q.300 or 25 Euros as collaboration for NDG when they sign the “Volunteer Agreement” on their first day (it includes a T-shirt and the price of the tour). This fee covers administrative costs related to volunteering

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