Peace Groups in the West Bank

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This Initiative needs more details - and probably more help.

Palestinian Territory via
Sameer Saleh

Since 2001, there is a Center for Peace in a small Palestinian village on the West Bank, operated by two amazing men who both have suffered from the humiliation and the war, but keep striving for peace. In a small school they have organized Peace Groups and once invited guests from Israel to sit down and talk about the peace. This has already proven effective. This village is very peaceful and is reaching out to the inhabitants of the settlements on the other hill. Unfortunately, the settlers would just shoot them when they enter "their" soil. We strongly support this grassroots peace initiative.

The Center for Peace is run by two men. 20 people (mostly students) volunteer to organize the peace groups.
Arabic and/or Hebrew would be an asset
helping a grassroots peace initiative gain momentum and recognition
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Anonymous for their safety, Palestinian Territory

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