Pretty Development for Poverty Reduction

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Njombe, Tanzania via kindly anonymous
Imma Salingwa
pdprngo [at] gmail [dot] com
+255 754397178

Pretty Development for Poverty Reduction (PDPR) - is a local (Non-governmental organization and non-profit making). Situated in Njombe district but operate in whole national (Zanzibar and Tanzania mainland), PDPR base in rural areas of Tanzania, target to serve women, children, youth and marginalized group who are small scale farmers and small business man in Rural areas. The organization runs its activities through the generous support and participation of individuals and interested global entities partners.

PDPR-works in partnership with rural communities on a wide range of development issues as herby listed agriculture, environmental conservation, capacity building, health, enterpreurship development, human rights, education, and mainstream cross-cutting issues in projects (HIV/AIDS, gender, drug abuse and globalizations).



To provide aid on various legal matters based on human rights, support the total encouragementbased on environmental conservation campaign, facilitate the promotion of social, economic, and cultural development leading to empower the society with competent technical packages eligible to fight against poverty and ignorance at large and let them fight their artificial but also natural recourses available in nurturing their lives.


1) HIV/AIDS awareness to primary and secondary school students and youths in Mtwango, Igima and Utengule Wards.

2) Children rights and responsibilities to society. Njombe and Kinondoni Districts.

3) Entrepreneurship, life skills, mind set training to farmers, youth and government employees. Njombe, Dar es Salaam Regions.

4) Capacity building to farmers and farmers Organizations in Njombe rural areas.

5) Climate change adaptation creation. Kichiwa ward.



We receive more than 10 at one time, Any one can involve no specific skills needed in our projects, The minimum age is 13 years old, also people can involve online/remote.
one week and you can work in more than two years.
Any one
1) We looking volunteers of working in projects of sustainable agriculture, aquaculture, organic agriculture, poultry farming for training, advising, counseling and marketing their crops. 2) We looking volunteers of creating awareness on health mattes to youth, drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, civic matters. 3) We looking volunteers of involving in environmental conservation projects and ecological tourism. 4) We looking volunteers of working online/remote to market our organization, fundraising, and mobilizing volunteers from their countries. 5) We looking volunteers of working with children in Amani Orphans center and schools for teaching English and other subject’s and spots. 6) We looking Volunteers of collecting used and new tools, clothes, machines, toys from their home countries for donating to rural communities and PDPR projects.
US$ 11 pear day, 70 week and 300 month.

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Itunduma Villge, Mtwango ward. P.O.BOX 430 Njombe., Njombe, Tanzania

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