public health campaing in the villages of huancayo

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Peru via kindly anonymous
Plinio Sovero
info [at] esperanzaperu [dot] org
(+51) 964865987

Recommended minimum time, two weeks
Volunteers wanting to work in this project must have confidence at least and an intermediate level of Spanish in order to give local peoples as much help as possible.
Projects aimed at improving the health of residents in villages of Huancayo.The work will be carried out in the villages in open air. The work will be done by the volunteer and a person in charge, who offers support. Health campaigns will be raised: -sexual orientation, course on sexuality -family planning, due to the increase in adolescent mothers in the villages -First Aid Workshops -Hygiene and health workshops -Nutrition for children, healthy nutrition, balance of nutrients And others that the volunteer suggests and wishes to put into practice. The volunteer will get to know different villages and different life conditions, which makes this an unforgettable experience.The objective of these Health campaigns is to help form future generations that have the necessary knowledge and skills to promote and manage their personal health as well as the health of their family and community enabling them to study, work, and live healthily.

Jr. Las Planicies 351 Pio Pata-El Tambo, Huancayo - Per�, Peru

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