Reach and Teach Volunteer programs in Uganda

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Mukono, Uganda via
beaconyouths [at] yahoo [dot] com

Through Beacon of Hope Uganda’s Reach & Teach programs in rural village in Uganda, you can get involved with a complete range of teaching and development activities. You can help in taking normal classes, assisting the teaching staff, conducting extracurricular activities like clay modeling, painting, drawing, singing, art & drama, dancing, group work, games or other similar activities. Your help and assistance will be greatly appreciated in this rural school and will be a refreshing change to existing curriculum. This school was carefully selected by volunteers as it deserves a long term planned development program. The school is located in a rural community and has limited resources, both infrastructure and staff.

Volunteers can take up projects depending on the needs of the school. Almost all schools we support have need for infrastructure development and/or renovations. Volunteers can do a combination of both teaching and renovation/building work at the project they choose to work at. If you’re a native English speaker or with some teaching experience, you can be a valuable resource in these village classrooms. With your English skills you could teach proper English pronunciation and usage. Even if you’ve never formally taught a classroom subject, you can assist the local teachers in their day to day work at the school. You don’t need to know the local language, or the methods of the local school system. All you need is enthusiasm and a desire to share your knowledge and make a difference.

Unfortunately you would like to work with the Teaching placement, teaching computers, but unfortunately the school does not have computers, but sometimes volunteers help by using their own laptops to help the students in groups of 3-5 students per group.


The project runs orphanage/children’s home in Uganda. With limited staff, resources and facilities, we are struggling to provide care, love and support to orphaned children. Being hugely understaffed, we have few learning or extra-curricular activities. Beacon of Hope Uganda through its domestic and international volunteers is able to provide the orphanage with support and help. These could be in the form of improving the existing facilities, assisting the staff, teaching and helping with the general running and administration of the orphanage/children’s home. Volunteers usually help in refurbishing existing buildings, improving facilities, teaching Basic English, drawing, drama, conducting games etc.

At this orphanage and children’s home you are typically greeted with big hugs, toothless smiles and children curious to touch and get your attention. These children are here due to poverty, disabilities, and homelessness and also as the only way to attend school. Through Beacon of Hope Uganda caring for orphans and children’s home programs you can make a lasting difference in these young lives. You can care for children in many ways. Often no special skills are required, as volunteers are needed to spend time playing, reading, exercising and share time with the children. Since the host project is short-staffed and the volunteers’ attention gives the children the extra love they need.

The need is expansive and long-term, so your opportunity to make a significant difference through service is likewise immeasurable. You can help expand and maintain residential training and daycare facilities or help host staff conduct recreational activities, teach classes and serve meals. If you have first-hand experience working with children with disabilities, professionally or personally, your expertise can be especially useful in this project. You can also provide direct services to deaf or mentally challenged children. No matter what your age, background, gender or ability, you can be a valuable resource to demonstrate the universal language of love, compassion and make a difference to the children’s’ lives!

Placement duration is a minimum of 4-8 weeks.

Placement Location: Uganda

Placement Booking Fee: USD$ 100 (Paid Upon acceptance in the Program)

Airport Pickup: USD$75

Placement Fee: USD$350 per month (Covering 3 meals a day, Accommodation, Water and Ground Support)

E-mail: beaconyouths [at] yahoo [dot] com



All our projects need volunteers teachers and those who can work with children and love them and restore hope in them. All skills can be utilized here at the school projects and orphanages.
Volunteers can stay from 1 weeks to 3 months or more and school terms vary, so apply in time to participate.
No prior experience is needed in teaching, you only have to master a language and teach it here or some maths etc
Teaching classes, childcare work, orphanage work
USD$100 placement booking, and USD$500 per month to cover up your living expenses. like accommodation and food.

Mukono- Kayunga road, Mukono, Uganda