Review for Hohoe Charity School, Ghana

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Hohoe Charity School, Ghana
Chloe, age 18 Scotland Where do I start, from the moment I arrived I felt so welcome, firstly Ghanaian people are lovely and secondly because everyone at the school is so welcoming. Working alongside the children during school hours, watching them learn and grow was amazing to see as well as some of the things the children taught us, I now know some words in Ewe and can cut grass using a machete, not many people can say that! Whilst I was there I spent the majority of my time with the children literally from the moment i woke until the moment i went to sleep. Watching DVDs with the children was one of my highlights, seeing how amusing they found Mr Bean, also when a child falls asleep cuddling into you, it just makes you realise that all children are the same and they make the best with what they have got. I went to Hohoe with the idea that they were going to be unhappy and that is the total opposite, Lindy and Nicholas work very hard and the children all love them very much, they are very happy children and enjoy nothing more than running about and playing like any other child. Being a part of these children’s lives was amazing and not something i am ever going to forget, and I hope to return to visit them, they really do put things into perspective. (July 2011)
7 years 12 weeks ago

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