Sichuan Quake Relief

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Chengdu, China via
Peter Goff
info [at] sichuan-quake-relief [dot] org
Fax: 86 (0)28 8552-1997

Sichuan Quake Relief (SQR) is a non-profit, humanitarian organisation dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by the 12 May 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

* To help incubate grassroot organisations that are playing a role in the rebuilding of stricken communities.
* To act as an information and logistics hub for recovery and reconstruction efforts.
* To develop community recovery projects to support the poorest of the poor still badly affected by repercussions of the earthquake.
* To act as a platform for the development of a vibrant civil society.

After two years as a relief-provider, information hub and liaison point for other international organisations, we are now in the mid-term phase of the recovery process, and SQR aims to focus on the sustainable and effective operation of our new community centre near Guangji Town in Mianzhu.

The community centre offers I.T. resources, an NGO library, and an events space. The centre will be used in two main ways:

* As an incubation hub for grassroots organisations working in the wider Guangji area. As well as being available for them to use for their own planned activities, SQR will be playing an active role in helping these groups to develop in capacity and effectiveness.
* As a space in which to conduct training and information sessions for the villagers and communities in the surrounding area.

SQR will be forging links with local grassroots organisations and community leaders to assess their needs and develop training programmes designed to build their capacity.

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Renmin Nan Road, Section 4,#28 YuJie East Street, No2-7, Chengdu, China

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