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Jinja, Uganda via
Hakim Kirigwa
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Skills plus Uganda aims at empowering the community and looking for solutions to the problems that affect the local population with an aim of improving their standards of living through skills building and sustainable community projects. Skills Plus, Uganda is registered under the Ministry of Gender and Community Services in particular Jinja District Local Administration Registration NO 122101. Skills Plus, Uganda has now made four (4) years in existence since it’s inception from 1st October 2006. When the organization begun, its source of funding was from it’s members, well-wishers and Computer Training. The organization had one Computer which was used for both Training and Administration. The little fees paid by the Learners, well wishers, Skills Plus founder members and Donors has given the organization a sense of direction and continuity. On its establishment, the pioneer Board of Trustees focused on putting in place necessities required by the organization like putting in place an office, a Computer centre, Tailoring centre, HIV/AIDS counseling and Training, Garage where youths would learn the practicals of Motor Vehicle Repair and Maintenance and a welding workshop where students would come for learning and also making a source of income for the organization and so many others. However, the organization is facing the problem of Limited Resources to meet its needs and the demand of the community she is serving. Skills Plus, Uganda continues to play a leading role in providing basic Skills that can improve people’s standards of living. Some of the Skills and activities that Skills Plus, Uganda provide are; HIV/AIDS sensitization, counseling and Training of counselors , Computer training, Tailoring Training, welding and fabrication, Child Support and Nursery teaching and day care program mainly to the orphans, Vulnerable Children and other people in the community who need the services we are rendering. Our Quarterly Reports, Annual Reports, Newsletters, and Brochures, Website and our Blog, show the Programs which we have reached so far in the Organization. This year 2010, the organization has registered some success, more so, the organization got a play ground plus a temporally building where the nursery school is in the names of Leeds Nursery and day care school from a UK charity called East African Play Ground, the number of clients being served in every department has tremendously increased. If the organization gets more computers, sewing machines, welding plat, more structures, land, Capacity Building for its Staff, funds to support the Orphans and Vulnerable Children in schools, it will reach more people in the community. Skills Plus, Uganda services to the community is still low due to lack of enough Resources especially funds. From last year , the organization’s target was to laying strategies for getting financial and material support from within and outside (Local, National and International) Levels. The Board members take this opportunity to thank all its stake holders for example Foundation for Sustainable Development ( fsd), East African Play Grounds (EAP) through Carla and Tom Gill , the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day saints Humanitarian Services, TASO- Uganda, , Nile Breweries, Hope On Africa and the government of Uganda to mention a few who have enabled us to fulfill some of our aims and objectives.

We need a number of volunteers if available, this is because, we have a number of programs going on at the same time.
Our volunteers work from 9:00am to 4:00pm from Monday to Friday, weekends are reserved for shopping and touring around our beautiful areas in Uganda the pearl of Africa.
Any useful skill is welcome
Guidance and counseling,Skill empowerment and development,Tailoring training,Computer training,computer repairing, Orphans and other vulnerable children care,Community out reach programs, Education with our nursery school and our schools in the community,Community Health,Evangelism,welding and fabrication,fundraising and also international volunteering.
We normally ask our good volunteers to contribute towards feeding,accommodation.internet,water,power and some funds during the project implementation, we organize this with our african host families and our guest house here in Uganda and this is always cost friendly. For those volunteers who want to stay independently, we organize for them their accommodation in out nearby hotel and it is also cost friendly.

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Jinja, Uganda

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