Southpole by tractor!

Southpole is a journey by tractor.
A journey through Europe, through the Balkan, and through Africa. And from South-Africa, the Cape of Good Hope, by boat to the South pole. On the South pole by tractor or on foot to the Pole itself.

Southpole, besides a journey and expedition, is also a document. Above all, Southpole wants to give attention to special projects of NGO?s. (Non Governmental Organisations like WarChild and The Hunger Project, but also small local projects..)
Initiatives which deserve attention because they show faith, courage, endurance and love.

Southpole needs media, so she can be followed, so she won?t go alone. Southpole wants to inspire, wants to involve.
'Because it's more inspiring to follow a dream to it's realisation, than to report on a set record.'
This will also give me a chance to create a platform for the inspiring people and projects I meet/visit on my way...

Above all, Southpole hopes to generate a lot of positive energy. Bring hope to a world that is more and more being run by fear.

Child Care Human Rights Media Poverty Relief Sensitizing Sustainability

Fresh Initiatives

Not at the moment. You can add one