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Nairobi, Kenya via kindly anonymous
Mary Olang
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St Charles centre is a nonprofit organization, non political organization registered and recognized by the government of Kenya as a self help group. It was founded In the year 1999 after underscoring the fundamental need to foster children to grow up knowledgeably.
St Charles is found in Nairobi, capital city of Kenya and physically located in Kibera slums which is also the second largest slum in Africa. As an in institution St Charles centre works with other institutions (community organizations) to spur development and a decent living for people living in Kibera .
Our commitment is basically to strive forward with other interested parities, individuals, charities, corporate organizations, NGOs and governments to ensure that all children access basic rights (education) despite the fact that poverty has eaten all the fabric of the society from parents, guardian, and foster parents.
As a people working with community with sole purpose of changing the community we truly believe that through this partnership a lot can be achieved and quiet a big change can be realized .We do inform you that St Charles Centre works with other 12 institutions which are either directly affiliated and indirectly affiliated with us in a broader vision. To achieve our results the understated are our objectives -:
1) To provide early child hood development to equip children with knowledge aimed at transforming the children to become responsible citizens in the society.
2) To provide care and support to children living with HIV/AIDS, affected, infected with it and who need care and protection.
3) To evangelize to the children with an aim of nurturing them to become adherents and believers in the lord and to grow up in fear and respect to him(lord)
4) To advocate and promote the Rights of a child in order to stem grand violation of children rights.
5) To engage in resource mobilization, materially and financially with a view of meeting the objectives of St Charles Centre.
6) To network with other partners NGOs, donors, and well-wishers who have same objectives as St Charles so as to realize change in growth and development.
VISION: A society where dignity of a child is paramount and all children regardless of their in abilities gets second chance to access basic needs and that is our dream !
MISSION STATEMENT: To provide education and knowledge to the children that can transform lives of the children to become responsible citizens and give back to the society .
There is a lot to be shared right from safaris mountain climbing, beautiful flora and fauna all at friendly rates unlike the unlike rates from international firms .Free legal advise and litigation services in case of misdemeanor

seven hours a day from Monday to Friday
Basics or professional skills in teaching resource mobilization, and good counselors. Fluent in English.

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-, Nairobi, Kenya

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