Sukitha Special School and Care Home

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Kalutara, Sri Lanka via
Eilidh Graham
eilidhphant [at] gmail [dot] com
0094 776996454

Sukitha Welfare Society run two homes in Sri Lanka for girls of all ages with differing abilities in physical, emotional and learning needs. The girls are from socially deprived backgrounds; some are orphans with no immediate family.

The Sukitha homes are run on a very small budget. They depend on donations from local benefactors and donations from abroad. The government pay a very small grant that is inadequate to pay the salaries and meet all the daily expenses.

One home is in Galpatha which is inland from Kalutara. This home is for girls aged from 6 to 18 years of age and if they are able will then go on to train at the Vocational Training Centre. But very few go on to do this and often their parents can’t afford to take them home so some will stay there till they die. Galpatha home is a very large house which was donated by a local family. It is very old and in much need of modernization and repair.

A new sick room and toilet block have just been completed. The dining room has been renovated with funds received from abroad. There is a government school in the grounds of the house which most of the children attend daily. The others who are maybe older and/or less able will stay in the home all day and have little to stimulate them.

The children have varying complex needs; some can’t wash themselves and need a lot of care. The staff do a good job under difficult circumstances, and the children are very good and help to look after each other, but more expert care is needed for some of the girls if more funding was available. The food is produced on the premises by a cook and also sometimes meals are donated by local families who are giving ‘Alms’ which is a Buddhist tradition and marks an anniversary of someone’s death, and in return they receive a blessing from the children. The staple diet is rice and curry- all very fresh, nutritious and very tasty.

Horana Sukitha home is a vocational training centre 18km from Galpatha. It was established in 1985. This centre is housed in a building constructed with financial assistance received from the USAID program. Vocational training is provided for girls from the age of 16 to 32 years.

A preference is given to those from low-income families. The centre provides training in dressmaking, tailoring, agriculture, food preparation, beauty culture, batik printing and handloom weaving. At the end of two years training the girls are provided with the basic financial assistance to start their own enterprise. One girl is making clothing and other items in her own home which have been taken to Scotland to be sold there. There is space for 40 females to live there, free residential facilities are provided at this centre. All food, clothing, medical and personal care are provided for.

Horana home is struggling financially so funding is vital to enable these girls to gain success in life and to keep it open. The roof has been raised to help the ventilation and it needs to be completely rewired. Sukhita Child ( ) from Glasgow has provided funds for this project.

Some girls don’t know their dates of birth, there are several girls who have no parents and no birth certificates so Sukitha is their home and family.

The two centres provide a home and shelter and loving care to those who may have nowhere to go or cannot be supported at home. Please be generous and give what you can to support this very worthwhile and admirable cause.

Minimum - 1 month
no language skills required - if you can pick up a bit of Sinhala that helps but you can care and play without needing a spoken language caring, patient
please get in touch for costs. I will arrange accommodation either in a rented place or with a Sri Lankan family. living costs are very low in Sri Lanka

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Kalutara, Sri Lanka

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