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Hanoi, Vietnam via
James Pham
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Do you want to make an active and sustainable change for yourself and the lovely students who need your meaningful help?

If you want to live a different lifestyle and are ready for action, we offer the chance to be a part of something real, to be useful and to learn a lot.

We welcome you to join our team! We are a growing, dynamic and passionate community-based organization, is located in the center of Hanoi (6km from Hanoi Old Quarter), and was founded by international and Vietnamese social workers. We are growing with the support of many wonderful people in Vietnam and around the world. 

At the moment, we are cooperating with many community organizations, schools, social enterprises to help them to provide free/low-cost education services for communities with the participation of international volunteers and experts. Our aim are:

- To offer alternative education, including English lessons for community, especially students. We help them in every way possible to improve their knowledge, living skills and confidence needed to reach their dreams and change their lives as well as the lives of those around them..

- To provide interesting experiences for the volunteers and to help them to become the "local people" and enjoy the daily life in Hanoi. They will come to love teaching and be happy to work and help out in any way that they can depending on preferences and specialization. 

Help with social project
Helping with Tourists
Charity work
Language practise


Financial transparency, work efficiency, charity and spirituality are our most important principles that help us to ensure the effectiveness and development of our project. We always try to help people of all careers and ages to have a fair chance to access educational services. Education is the key in setting forth the positive changes toward sustainability and regenerating lifestyles that the community desperately need. We are working hard together to create a place where people can come together, learn, teach and be of a positive influence. 

We welcome kind-hearted volunteers from around the world who are caring and willing to give and receive important life lessons. We really appreciate your participation in our projects to help our students.
Sharing your professional skills and teaching talents, the volunteers with or without formal teaching experience can contribute greatly to increase our students' possibilities to seize many wonderful opportunities. With hands on action, you can join us as a volunteer, supporter, and guest. 

If you don't have experience teaching, that's okay! Don't be nervous. The staff can help you if you need guidance in lesson plans and they provide class/teaching books as well as helpful online resources. Our staff will support you through every step of the teaching work. You will also always have a Vietnamese staff to help you in each classroom. 

Besides the teaching activities, you can support us in another work depending on your preferences and specialization. This volunteer position represents an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience, help you to improve your volunteering and working experiences. If you are looking for teaching jobs in Hanoi, we will introduce you to our partner network who need long or short term teachers.


Volunteers will live within the local community and become neighbors of many friendly and hospitable Vietnamese people living together as a big family. Volunteers can join many extra-curricular activities and cultural exchange events with the staff and students, such as day trips, local festivals or playing sports with local people. Or, they can just take a look around and drink a cup of traditional tea and smoke the traditional tobacco with the local people. 

Plenty of delicious food options (aside from the fresh and delicious Vietnamese food provided for meals) are available only a short walk away. Day trips to Hanoi and beautiful surrounding areas for all volunteers and staff can be planned, and are organised by the individual (between staff, volunteer, or student) or the center to experience a new and mesmerizing culture. We also can assure that you will have a wonderful experience when you join us.  It's a life-changing experience for everyone.

Free food and accommodation will be provided for the volunteers who stay for 4 weeks and longer. Volunteers are asked to work (5 days per week, 4 hours per day). If the volunteer stays for 2 or 3 weeks, you will receive food and accommodation at a cost of $50 per week.

In your free time and your days off you have the opportunity to join extra activities or explore the beautiful land! We hope you will treat this land as if it were yours and find useful and fun things to do here. We would love to welcome volunteers to join us.


You will discover and enjoy the dynamic and interesting lifestyle here with the staff, volunteers and students during your stay. We provide 3 delicious meals a day and accommodation (office, shared bedrooms and airconditioning, fast WIFI, kitchen, bathroom, water heater and a windy balcony). 

WIth the volunteers who will join us at least 3 months, we will support you a allowance of $200/month from second months. It's small but is the monthly income of the staff here.

From here, you can go everywhere in Hanoi's center by public bus in a timely manner, which is very inexpensive (USD 0.40 and convenient. There are a lot of sight-seeing opportunities, such as: cultural heritage sites, universities, supermarkets, cinemas, theaters, museums and outdoor markets around. 

We love to welcome volunteers who can join us for as long as possible. Volunteers are asked to stay for a minimum of 1 month in exchange for 2 delicious meals (with self serve breakfast) a day and accommodation (office, WIFI, kitchen, bathroom, water heater, shared bedrooms, and a balcony with nice view of green field and the highway). 

Our house is located in the beautiful village beside small river, among many cultural heritage points and natural landscapes e.g. the ancient pagoda, temples, lakes, rivers, mountains etc. It's very cheap (USD 0.40) and easy to go to Hanoi's center, Hanoi's Old Quarter and the airport via public bus. Volunteers get the ultimate experience of a peaceful, healthy, basic life by living here! 

• Native or fluent in English 
• Be able demonstrate a passion for educational development 
• Strong interpersonal & communication skills 
• Teaching experience or a teaching certificate are advantages

Kind-hearted volunteers from around the world who are caring and willing to give and receive important life lessons
4 hours a day, 5 days a week

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Group 4th, Quang Minh town, Me Linh district, Hanoi, Hanoi, Vietnam

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