Teaching in village schools in Nepal

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Kathmandu, Nepal via kindly anonymous
Marianne Heredge
marianne [at] rannepal [dot] org

Rural Assistance Nepal (RAN) is a small UK registered charity that supports a number of schools with teachers and volunteers. RAN has four teachers at three government schools, helping alleviate the understaffing that mean classes can have as many as 100+ children. RAN has also helped set up libraries in three schools, as well as provide computers in schools, and other teaching materials like science and sports equipment.

Whilst teaching experience is beneficial, many schools will welcome anyone with a good standard of English to help teach English to students. Better still however, is the help that can be given to teachers, whether in training or in helping themimprove their own English.

Ideally volunteers need at least three weeks, though longer is better. RAN work not only with the three schools where it has teachers, but with a few other schools. Working with friends, the volunteers can be sure that they will be able to help.



Volunteers who don't mind roughing it a bit (villages are rarely luxurious), who can cope with minimal equipment and support, but who are flexible and willing to 'give it a go'.
Volunteers need to be able to work for at least three weeks.
Volunteers who have a good standard of English, not necessarily with experience teaching, but with the commitment to pass on what they know to students and teachers. Computing skills are useful in some schools where the teachers do not have much experience in teaching even the basics.
Teaching English, computing, training teachers.
Generally accommodation is staying with families, as few villages have lodges or other types of accommodation. You would be expected to pay your host family around 400-500Rs a day (depending on the school) (around 5-6USD). RAN do not charge anything for helping volunteers - it's up to the volunteer if they want to contribute anything.

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GPO 24529 Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal

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