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Beira, Mozambique via
Flore Roura
info [at] terranova-moz [dot] com

As a part of our Charity Travel project, we (Kamiel Verwer and Yeon Choi) visited Terra Nova in the morning and got a good overview of its activities. The small company was working on a designated part of the city's garbage dump. Next to a smelly pile of residu waste (cans, plastics) we counted 27 neat mounds of compost, weight about a ton each. The shape of them resembled a rounded termite heap, and they gave an artistic touch to the scene.

Flore Roura, who created this urban-composting company, explained to us the process of composting. She and her workers started with sorting out the un-compostible waste, then heaping up the rest together with water and carbon rich material to balance the resulting compost. Although there were a lot of studies available on the subject, a lot depended on experiment. We walked around the measure the temperature of each mound. Some of them had reached 80 degrees centigrade - a staggering number that somehow underlines the power of composting.

Currently, the company can handle one truck of urban waste per day. Terra Nova has already done this for about a year and produced 50 tons of good compost. The next step is upscaling to 30 trucks a day and hundreds of workers. This will also bring out the social aspect: apart from offering good working conditions, the company will support many workers with their education.
Flore explained that it is the explicit objective of Terra Nova to optimize its social impact by thinking and acting far beyond the actual business of composting.

Composting up to 60% of Beira's urban waste using a socially responsible and economically sustainable business model.
skilled volunteers willing to help out the local team.
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2010-04-01 - 2010-04-04
Flore's Terra Nova in Beira is a beautiful und unique urban (market) waste composting project. I visited her in 2010 and am very enthusiastic about her way of creating a socially and ecologically sound business.
6 years 18 weeks ago kamiel79

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Beira, Mozambique