Three Left Hands

After two years Africa, the ThreeLeftHands have not changed a lot, but we do have some things to say about this continent. After all, we’ve seen enough during those months of volunteering, traveling and all-round adventure. Now, what to do with that immense pile of experience, that invaluable heap of untouched wisdom?

We decided to continue. Older (hardly) and wiser, we’ll start in October 2010 from Malawi, where our car still is, and journey first to Cape Town, from where we’ll head North along Africa’s hard and rigid west-coast. Each country that we visit will be subjected to our critical eyes, especially concerning the Western influence on these cultures. These findings will be reported back to you, while we conduct the necessary good works for local charities, NGO’s or hospitals.

This we’ll do according the so-called and self-invented principal of Guerrilla-volunteering; we knock on a door and ask how we can help. We work (for free!) for about a month before we head on to the next organization that can use our help. A better world is that easy.

Because we actually learned something on our previous journey on the east-coast, we’ll be better prepared for this new chapter in the ever-so-reckless history of the ThreeLeftHands foundation.

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